question about Lent

why do u NOT eat meat on fridays during lent?

In the UK we are called by the bishops to abstain from meat every Friday .

It is a penitential observance to aid our conversion to Jesus .

Not eating meat is not much of a penance though when one can so easily replace it with other foods .

I would prefer to see Fridays as days of fasting rather than abstinence .

Two reasons:

  1. It was the day Jesus was crucified and suffered death. So Friday is not a day of celebration.

  2. In the ancient world, meat was usually eaten at feasts (in the Moslem world, there are certain days when you are required to eat meat, and many poor Moslem people eat meat ONLY on those days). Since this is not a day of celebration, but of mourning, we do not eat celebratory food.

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