Question about life in heaven


Is it correct to say that
“In heaven, I will love each and everyone with the whole of my heart, but my love will not exceed my own capacity”?

For instance, if I am capable of carrying maximum of 100 “units” of love, in heaven, will I love Jane by 100 units, Tom by 100 units, and everyone else by 100 units, but my love will not exceed the 100 units limit? Is this analogy correct?

Thank you,

There’s a reason why love is not “unitary” and this is probably it. :slight_smile:

We will love and be loved with every part of our restored beings, but as each human being is not the same, neither will the experience be.


Love pie, Just love pie.


I agree that love cannot be quantified, so let’s ignore the “unit” analogy.

But in light of Catholic faith, is it at least correct to say that “when I go to heaven, I will love each and every other member of heaven with the whole of my soul”?

Sounds like a silly question, but thanks for being patient with me.

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