question about mary

why do we call her our life, our sweetness and our hope? isn’t that supposed to be god/jesus?

You may find the official CA answer to this useful:

In the prayer “Hail, Holy Queen,” we call Mary “our life, our sweetness, and our hope.” Is this proper?

already read that. still confused about it. the best i’ve come up with so far is that she is our life by cooperating with God’s plan of salvation and therefore we should try ti imitate that in our own lives. i’m ok with hope and sweetness since we can find hope and sweetness in other people due to god working through them. it’s really the life part that concerns me a bit. since christ is supposed to be our life; which he is in the sense that all life comes from him ultamately and he is the one who obtained salvation for us and gives spiritual life. i feel like this can be a bit of a slippery slope though

What other sweet words wouldn’t you use towards someone you love?

That language about her was described as hyperbole in something I heard or read. I don’t remember where that explanation came from, though.

Couldn’t it be a continuation of “mother of…”?

As in, Mother of Mercy, mother of our life, mother of our sweetness, mother of our hope.

That’s how I’ve always understood it. Prayers get run-on-sentencey sometimes so pauses are inserted where it can become confusing

that’s what i thought it was until i heard the song hail holy queen enthroned above or else known as salve regina. clearly it’s talking about mary. like i said, i think i’ve pretty much reconciled sweentess and hope, sitll a bit unsure about life. i know it’s supposed to be in conjunction with christ but i feel like it can be a hard distinction to make

This is how I understand it. We could think of our own mothers as a life source. It was through our mothers womb that we are given life. Eve was considered the mother of all living before Christ. Mary is mother of the Church or we are considered her offspring. We can see the dynamics of that similarity in Rev 12. The Woman in Genesis is Eve. The Woman in the following is Mary.

Revelation 12:17 Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring—those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus.

Mary bore Christ who made us all sons and daughters of God or one big family of God. So she’s life giving, she’s sweet, and she’s our hope as she believes in us and intercedes for us to Her Son, we love her as much as Jesus would love His mother and we are connected to her through God, and we know that God favored her so we are all connected in One Spirit of Love with our Mother.

It’s sort of like Mary is the Tree of Life and Jesus is the fruit from the tree (blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus)! If it wasn’t for the tree we couldn’t get the fruit… : )

thanks for this explanation. i think it makes more sense now

this makes sense as well. ultimately it’s the fruit that’s important right? if an apple tree didn’t have any fruit, t would kind of just be a tree that didn’t really do anything

These accolades offered to Mary are meant to be understood as her role in Christ and subservient to Him. Consider how St. Paul spoke of saving others. This similarly is also to be understood in the same way.

Romans 11:13-14
"I glory in my ministry
14 in order to make my race jealous and thus save some of them.”

1 Corinthians 9:22
“I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.”

Jesus is the Head. Mary is the neck so to speak in the Body of Christ. He has chosen to dispense His graces through her. Also see my article :

5.3 Aren’t you Catholics placing Mary to high ?


As the most perfect human being, full of grace, she is a role model for who we should be.

  • her life, her surrender to God’s will, was not only the means by which we are saved but is the perfect manifestation of what has truest value
  • her sweetness, her humility and self-sacrifice
  • in her we see hope that transcends all adversity
    I seek to live my life as she did hers
    My love for her, for the Church, all humanity is part of the total love for her Creator.

I believe it is because she is the greatest of all the saints. She is the Mother of God and is very close to God. Therefore she has the ability to intercede for us in a most powerful manner.

I can think of plenty… savior, divine would be a few…

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