Question about mass and praying for the dead

I have two questions

1.) If you don’t feel well and dont make mass is it still a mortal sin and u need confession?

2.) How do you pray for the dead? For example, once a person dies you dont know if they are in heaven, hell or purgatory so how do you pray for them?

thank you! :wink:

I can’t answer question 1. A Priest will be able to.

Praying for the dead- this is what I do,

  1. Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily.
  2. The Eternal Father Prayer ( we seem to say that in Mass in prayers)
  3. I try to gain Plenary Indulgences for the dead. I get a name, or person I knew, and do the works for them. That includes a confession ( good for a couple of Indulgences) , communion ( in mass) , praying for the Pope’s Intentions, and trying to be non attached to sin. And a Lords Prayer and the Creed.

Offer up a rosary, simply tell God you are praying for the soul of… You don’t need to know for sure where the soul is.

I pray for all those who have passed in my family or acquaintance. Catholics and non-Catholics.

I don’t worry about where their soul is, because I’m certain if they are in heaven they can use the prayers for those in their heart here on earth or in purgatory. If they sadly are in hell, Our Lord can use those prayers for souls who need them.

One of the few things I do that I have complete confidence is doing some good. :slight_smile:

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