Question about Mass Readings?

So Today i went to Saturday evening Mass, but they didnt read the Saturday Readings but the Sunday Readings, is their a specfic reason for this? or is it up to the individual Parish? God bless

The Saturday readings would be for a daily Mass, for example a Saturday morning Mass. Saturday evening is the anticipated Mass for Sunday.

ok, cool, thanks for clearing that up, i was confused today at Mass xD

also do you know why they do this? i mean its still Saturday after all? is it cause people attend Evening to fulfill their Sunday Obligation prehaps :hmmm: God bless

The new liturgical day technically begins in the evening before. The Jewish Sabbath starts at sundown Friday. If you recall from Genesis “Evening and morning, the first day”. A Vigil Mass on the evening before a feast is technically the feast day. Also, in the Eastern Catholic & Orthodox tradition Sunday begins with Vespers on Saturday night (This was also the Custom in the West for most of history).

This only applies to Sundays and solemnities (and feasts of the Lord that fall on a Sunday).

Yes, Church law stipulates that one may attend a Saturday evening Mass to fulfill the Sunday obligation.

In the Latin Rite, yes, but in the Eastern Churches the liturgical day begins in the evening with the setting of the sun. This practice follows the biblical account of creation, “And there was evening and there was morning, one day” (Genesis 1:5). The service celebrated with the setting of the sun is Vespers.

The “Catholic” Church consists of both West and East, so I was speaking universally. When I can’t get to the Mass for a feast day, I often go to the evening Divine Liturgy the night before at a nearby Byzantine Catholic parish.

if you go to mass before 4pm on a saturday you will hear the saturday mass readings, if you go to mass after 4pm you will hear the sunday mass readings.

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