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I just finished reading the book of Exodus, and I was amazed about the design of the garments and the tabernacle, everything had to be exactly how God wanted it. Do the Jews still wear the same holy garments that was described in the book of Exodus? Do they still burn incense and use oil the same was as they did in the book of Exodus? Do they still sacrifice animals? I know my questions sound off the wall but I just had to ask, some of my questions have been bugging me for year’s.

Since there is no priesthood I doubt the jews wear such clothes. Incense I think might be used in jewish liturgy and certaintly with no temple there is no way to make sacrifice.

In general, no, not since the destruction of the Temple by the Romans in 70 b.c.e. Jewish males may wear the skull cap and fringed prayer shawl; and orthodox Jewish males will not cut their sidelocks; but animal sacrifice ceased at that time. There are groups awaiting the restoration of the Temple who are preparing sacred vessels, garments, and seeking a pure red heifer whose ashes are central to the consecration of the Temple to the Most High.

I took a discovering Judaism class at two local synagogues once because I had a lot of questions also. I would recommend taking one if there is one available.

no, there is no animal sacrifice in Judaism today.

they didn’t burn incense when I was there.

beautiful prayers.

Although there is no sacrifice of animals since the destruction of the Temple, some Orthodox Jews believe that ritual will resume with the Temple’s reconstruction during the era of the Messiah. However, animal sacrifice at that time would be only for the purpose of thanksgiving rather than penance. IOW it is a law still on the books. I suppose the same might be said of incense, which is found today in the Church rather than the synagogue. Some of the dress as commanded in Deuteronomy remains the same: the tallit (prayer shawl) and the tefillin (phylacteries), and there are some rather exotic-looking attire worn by various streams within Orthodox, particularly Hasidic and non-Hasidic, Haredi Judaism, but I’m not sure how closely they resemble the ancient garments that were worn by the High Priest and others.

Whilst the priestly and sacrificial rubrics have gone into abeyance, following the loss of the Holy Temple in AD70, they remain a part of the faith.

The Temple Institute of Israel has recreated a number of the garments etc. for when the Temple will rise again.

Although the priesthood disappeared in the events of AD 70, and modern Judaism descends from the Pharisees, Judaism is geneological to a fault, and the descendants of the priests will be known when they are needed.


The hereditary priesthood does still exist, and in Orthodox synagogues they will occasionally give a blessing. They just don’t have their Temple in which to perform their main function any more.

Anyone with the surname ‘Cohen’ is likely to be a member of the priesthood.

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