Question about Mortal Sin or not

So I have a problem with scrupulosity and OCD and thought it would be better to run it by a forum then worry about it.

I was watching a comedic video from a movie that I had seen earlier. In the video a bare butt as shown (non lustful, was comedic) if I knew it consciously that this was going to occur but suppressed it, is this a mortal sin or any sin?

Another instance I was doing some research on a topic (music related) and I came across a site that had an image of a naked woman on it. The site seemed to be related to the topic but basically I closed it in about 2-5 seconds on opening. I don’t know if my mind steered toward the image and focused on it or if that is my scrupulosity kicking in. I waited until after I identified the image to close it meaning I clearly saw the women naked. On the topic of peripheral vision I believe I saw it with peripheral vision and then looked over. So all these factors considered is this a mortal sin in the sense that I took to long to close the page and thus need to confess. If it is not a mortal sin, is it a sin?

Thanks and bless you all.

Probably best to go to confession and talk to the priest about your situation.

There is nothing wrong with looking at a human body. Our bodies are creations of God and are beautiful (as everything that God creates has boundless beauty). I think that looking at a bare butt is fine - not a sin.
** Human nature** directs us to be interested in our bodies, as well as the bodies of other people, especially with those of the opposite sex.
The only question you need to ask yourself is whether you looked at the woman with curiosity or with lust. (sounds to me like it was simply curiosity so I doubt that you sinned)
If you still have doubts, talk to a priest. He will be able to set your mind at ease. :slight_smile:

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