Question about mortal sin

I am a teenager and commited a mortal sin but tried to stop. I know I need to go to confession but am not able to because my parents are busy and I cannot drive. I have prayed a lot and truely sorry. Will perfect act of contrition work?

Make an act of contrition and trust in God. If He dose not permit you to go to Confession before death, fear not - trust and invoke His Mercy. If He dose permit you to go to Confession before death, give Him thanks and praise.

Give thanks in every circumstance, trust in God, and invoke His Mercy. And do make a perfect act of contrition.

In the state of mortal sin, one may not recieve Holy Communion.

Thank you it means alot

I am having second thoughts about if it is a mortal sin though. I was not purposley doing it or thinking about what I was doing.

When in doubt, it’s still better to confess it :wink:

If you can’t make it to confession and are truly sorry because of your love for God, and not because you fear hell, then you are forgiven through perfect contrition. That being said, you MUST confess it at the very first oppurtunity you get. And on the type of sin, I would trust your conscience. If it is weighing on your mind confess it. The Devil likes to twist around your thoughts in the hope of deceiving you. God Bless and choose God in every decision you make! :smiley:

Call your priest and ask him if he will hear your confession right before or after Mass on Sunday. That way your parents won’t have to make an extra trip.

I wonder how they can be too “busy” for something as important as a sacrament.

You might even invite them to go to confession, too.

How far away is the church? Is there no public transport available - bus, etc.? Do you have a bicycle? Is the church within walking distance - less than 5 miles?

Are your parents Catholic? The reason I ask is, being a Catholic mother myself, I would make myself instantly available if a son of mine told me he needs to get to confession, no matter how busy I might be. His state of soul is far more important than anything I might be busy with.

I live in rhe suburbs and it it 15 miles away. My parents take care of my grandmother. I think I will be able to go with a friend soon. Thanks for everyones help

Do you know the conditions for a sin to be mortal?

  1. It has to be a sin of grave matter
  2. It has to be is committed with full knowledge of the sinner
  3. It has to be committed with deliberate consent of the sinner


However, you cannot receive Communion until you have been to Confession.

Dear friend in Christ,

The answer is “Yes BUT!”

You still MUST Confess these sins ASAP! God does NOT expect from you what is not possible for you to accomplish.

It would be prudent for you to regulary ask God to assit you with this sin, and when the times seems opportune, just mention to mom or dad, it’s been quite a while since you’ve had an opportunity to go to Confession, and “I would’nt mind going.” If they ask “do you need to go?” I’d suggest you you not answer directly, but only say it has been quite a while, and you’d like to go:thumbsup:

Don’t despair, God loves you. Just be sure to take the first oportunity you have and make a “full and good” Confession.

Don’t give up “trying to stop!” Pray and then pray somemore.

God bless you my friend!

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