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I admire Mother Theresa and have recently been reading some about her life…I read that she didn’t feel God in her life, which I don’t understand b/c she talked about Jesus all the time…Can someone explain this to me?, maybe I read it wrong…:confused:


She felt abandoned by God. It is a dark night of the soul, a share in Jesus’ agony in the garden.


She participated in Christ’s suffering and abandonment on the Cross.

That’s considered to be one of the most advanced stages of the spiritual life…

her love for God was not based on feeling but on choice :slight_smile: just like Christ’s love is.


Awesome answers! I would also like to add… that many of the saints reported this “Dark Night of the Soul” in their writings. God somehow uses this extremely painful experience, to bring the soul into closer union with Him.

Most of us, will probably never experience it to the massive degree Blessed Mother Teresa did… but all of us DO experience “dry spells” in prayer, or in our faith. Like “little Dark Nights”.

When it happens… don’t be discouraged or afraid! It’s just Our dear Lord… “pruning” our souls! When viewed from this perspective, a “dry spell” can almost cause you to feel even CLOSER to God!

May He bless you!


It is profitable to the soul to cling to the Lord in faith in spite of having no feelings. This helps prove to the Lord that we really love Him. This helps us come to spiritual maturity. In other words, will we still be attentive and loving of God even if we don’t feel His presence and consolations? No highs? We need to cling to Him without any “rewards” in order to grow spiritually.


I am a big fan of Mother Teresa so I was very disturbed when I read about her despair. The only way I can explain it, and I may not be totally right, is that she was lonely. She was really really lonely and this permeated all other areas of her life to the point that she could not feel God even though He was there all the time.


It was not despair that Mother Teresa had. In spite of the spiritual darkness she clung in faith and trust to the Lord, by His grace. Her attitude was “Your will be done”…in imitation of our Lord Jesus Christ.


yes,i think,maybe it is a good way for your mother


I sure wish I had kept track of where I read/heard this, but it is my understanding that Mother Teresa told Jesus that she wanted to share in the loneliness He felt in His sufferings. It is my understanding that God basically said ‘ok’ and granted her request. Unfortunately, the “popular” press has turned this into “Mother Teresa lost faith in God.”

At least, that is my understanding.

God bless,


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