Question about my Brown Scapular.

So earlier this year I bought a Brown Scapular over the Internet. It arrived at a time in which I was unfortunately unable to go to church very often, so I could not have it blessed or enrolled (which is the word? :P) for several weeks. When I finally made it to Mass a couple months later I took my scapular with me specifically for it to get the proper blessing. However, after Mass the priest was very busy, so I guess I was kind of nervous to whip out a whole card with a short ceremony for him to recite it in front of everyone he was talking to. I gave him the Scapular and asked him to bless it. I guess at the time I assumed that he, being a priest, would know about the particular blessing that this sacramental requires…however, he just said a really short blessing compared to what came in the card I got WITH the scapular, and gave it back to me. Thinking back on this, I know it is probably my fault for not asking him specifically for the enrollment…but I already know that, this isn’t what the thread is about.
At the moment I was relieved that the thing was blessed in the first place so I went back home with it. However, I didn’t actually take interest in wearing it until just now. :blush: I know, you must be thinking that I bought it and blessed it for nothing…but today I decided to wear it to Mass and the day has been oddly different with it on…I can’t describe it. Only I wish I had thought to start wearing it sooner.

But my question is…I was not enrolled…from what I remember, the priest only gave the Scapular an ordinary blessing. Does this difference mean that my Scapular is, if you get what I mean, less significant? For it to count should I have shoved the card with the initiation at him when he was so busy at the moment?
This will probably come off as a silly question to you but I’m asking anyway to get it off my mind.

And in the process of answering this, I’d appreciate any additional information you could give me on this Scapular…I know nothing of it except how important it is regarding Marian devotion.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Ha Ha…The same thing happened to me, and I am wondering the same thing b/c he said nothing of what was on my card. I too figured he knew what he was doing, until i attended 1/2 of an enrollment mass and saw all this other stuff happening…

Good luck…

The enrollment is a bit of ceremony, a simple blessing of the scapular can be a special scapular only blessing from the liturgical books, or a simple brief blessing. . .

So you have three different things.

Whichever you want you have to specify. :slight_smile:

And with a scapular friendly priest you should be able to get the enrollment going in no-time.

For that type of priest make sure heterodox magazines like U.S. Catholic and America aren’t in the vestibule, and you’re more likely to find him. :slight_smile:

The English of the old blessing/investiture for the Brown Scapular is in the Roman Ritual Volume 2, here.

There are three different forms. You likely have the shortest form on your card.

If you printed it out or handed him the card, you might get some mileage.

I don’t know if the new Book of Blessings has it or even has any blessings in it, or anything for the scapular, it might. The online book just has the English, not the official Latin for it, but if your priest has a copy of the old Roman Ritual he’ll be able to go all out with the Latin, which is the best form.

It wouldn’t be a problem to get enrolled now, even after the scapular has been blessed :slight_smile:

once you’re enrolled, you’ll share in the prayers of the Carmelite order, from which the brown scapular originally came. (the Carmelite nuns wear brown scapulars too, only theirs are bigger :))

the brown scapular is a great devotion. It was given to the Church by Mary herself, and she promised that whoever dies wearing it, would go to heaven cause they’ll be in a state of grace. This however does not mean that we can live apart from God and then get saved at the last moment just because of the scapular. It’s been said that people who die outside of God’s grace, somehow lose the scapular before their death. So Mary’s promise has never failed :wink:

Our Lady of Fatima told us to wear the Scapular, and also to pray the Rosary. :slight_smile:

God bless!

Okay, thanks everybody. :slight_smile:

I’ll think of getting enrolled properly next time. In other words I’ll have to hand the card over to the priest and tell him I’d like enrollment. Haha.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

LOL, I handed the card to three different priests and they all looked at it handed it back and just gave it a regular blessing. I don’t think any of them really knew what it was. One of them read the inscription where it says, “Whoever dies wearing this scapular will not suffer eternal fire,” and he looked at my sister(who was getting hers blessed) and said, “You don’t want to die, do you?” (??!!!??) I don’t know why he asked that really. I finally went to a priest who I know has a strong devotion to Mary and knew about all the deovtions and had him enroll me. He knew exactly what to do.

Ha that’s funny. Well there are only two priests in my parish and apparently one of them didn’t know what it was. I’ll have to talk to the other one when I get the chance and see if he knows what it is. :confused:

Though I’m wearing the Scapular now even though it was apparently not properly blessed…there’s no harm in doing it. :slight_smile:

Quite true. :slight_smile: One does not have to be enrolled to wear it at all. It is simply better to have the enrollment and blessing, not necessary, so in the meantime you are fine.

Lovely username by the way. :slight_smile:

Ave Maria!

wow…now I’m sort of wondering, how do you find a priest like that?? I have no idea if my priest knows about the scapular or not…

Fraternal Society of St. Peter, or any priest truly, Institute of Christ the King, or nothing in particular who is traditional. There you’ll find the full Faith. :slight_smile:

I love FSSP, but I don’t live near any of their parishes :frowning:

I suffer the same problem. :slight_smile: At least I have the audio sermons below.

I drive out of town for mass, though it is not far. gave me the list of what was within my mileage range.

That said, at least for an enrollment, if one for some reason cannot convince one of these ‘never heard of it’ priests to do it (and it would be an act of charity to convince one), taking a bit of a drive to find one who would do it would be like a nice little spiritual pilgrimage.

Very traditional!

When I was enrolled in the Trinitarian Scapular, I had to listen to a little lecture from the priest who did it not to be superstitious about it. (rolling my eyes). lol.

On the other hand, after RCIA, the priest there did all the candidates who wanted to and the parish in a big service of enrollment for the brown scapular. Very moving! :slight_smile:

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