question about my miraculous medal


about six monthes ago i bought myself a miraculous medal at the national basilica but it was a cheap $0.69 one, and became really tarnished really quickly, i tried to clean it a couple of times, but now it really cant be cleaned any more, but as a gift my mother offered to buy me a nice one from a jewlery store. she picked one out and i just got it, only the front of the medal looks exactly the same, with the same pictures and the same words, but there is nothing on the back. on my old one, and on every other one i have seen, there has been a symbol that looks like a cross with an m surrounded my stars (please excuse my very untechnical way of speaking). i dont know if my mother made a mistake and bought something that was not the right medal, if a mistake by the store was made, or if the medals are sometimes made that way, does anyone know?


IMHO, I’d have your mother return/exchange the medal she got for you since it’'s not complete. At the site for the Shrine for the Miraculous Medal they have the story of our BVM giving it to St. Catherine LaBoure and as you’ll see, the one given did have a “back”.:thumbsup: I have seen some with only one side printed, however my guess (and only that) is that some non-catholics see a way to make some money in producing them and don’t realize their “medals” are faulty.:wink:


It should have a back with the M and the cross and 12 stars and 2 hearts.
For Your FYI There are some really beautiful metal on e-bay. They are just beautiful. I have several and I I just love to look at them and hold them and wear them.Go to e-bay and type mary or mary metal or immaculate mary or miraculous metal. Hope that helps


I would have it returned to the jewelry store.

I was looking for some gold crucifix in a jewelry store and noticed some of them have no writing of “INRI” on top of the cross. Since they are not made by Catholics, they may not be made correct.

You can get a nice miraculous medal in any Catholic bookstore.


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