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For the past couple of monthes I have been saying novenas to various saints for a particular intention. I have already said 2 different novenas to the same saint, and I have already seen some small signs that it’s working. Yesterday I got a little discouraged and looked around and found a third novena to this particular saint. However, since finding the third Novena I have remembered all the subtle little things that have happened since then that have me convinced that it’s working. Should I still say the third novena anyway, or would that make it seem like I lack faith?

You can say another one in order to give thanks to God. :):o

Very cool.

I bought one that was Novena to the Holy Spirit. It was a yellow booklet I got at the book store. It was straightforward, simple, but profound.

Praying is hard business. It is hard to not want, even subliminally, to find a way that will “guarantee” or desires; it is also hard to deal with anwers when it seems the answer is “no”; and once in a while, even harder to deal with when the answer is “yes”. There is no magic formula. Praying a different novena is not a sign of lack of faith any more than it is a sign of strong faith; it can be either. Keep in mind that St. Monica was faithful for a long, long time before she got her answer.

It is not generally possible to pray too much.

I’ve heard it advised that it is good to pray a novena of thanksgiving after a novena of petition, with solid faith that your prayer has been heard. :slight_smile:

Also, sometimes God does want us to keep praying about a matter, because it needs our care.

This Novena has never been known to fail. This Novena must be said for 9 consecutive days. … you’ve got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?

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