Question about Office of Readings

Ok, so i recently bought the 4-volume set of the Liturgy of the Hours, and looking through the book it has a section called Canticles and Gospel Readings for Vigils:confused:

Could someone please explain to me how this works exactly i know you pray this with the OOR but would i pray these on Sundays or what?

Those are an optional prayer that can be added on to the celebration of Sundays and Solemnities, so you don’t have to if you don’t want to. If you’d like to, the rubrics for them are listed above the beginning of the section. As I recall, you simply append the other readings and canticles after the responsory to the second reading, but before the final prayer and the Te Deum.


Ok, so i read it and it “those who wish to extend the vigils of Sundays” So would i use Sundays Office of Readings, or Saturdays Office of Readings?

They also apply to Feasts. Sundays, Feasts and Solemnities. They are optional, for those using the OOR as traditional “Vigils”.

You would use this with Sunday readings. Typically in a monastery, Vigils would be any time from after 11 pm to 6 am or so. Before 11 pm, they would be anticipated Vigils.

Some monasteries would do anticipated vigils combined with Compline with two nocturnes, the first being the OOR psalms, followed by the bible reading and responsory (first nocturne), and the psalms of Compline followed by the patristic reading (2nd nocturne). Then on Sundays, feasts and solemnities, the third nocturne (the optional canticles and gospel, and in some lectionaries there’s a third reading, also patristic, or a homily). Then the Te Deum (Sundays, Feasts and Solemnities except Sundays of Lent) and the collect, and usually also the Marian antiphon of Compline. I stayed at a monastery in France that did this.

If said the same day (say after 11 pm or so), then the “second nocturne” would be the patristic reading alone with responsory, without the psalms of Compline, if using the 4-week LOTH.

For most monastic breviaries there are two nocturnes of 3 to 6 psalms each on regular days, and the third nocturne is the OT canticles + gospel + 3d reading or homily on Sundays, Feasts and Solemnities.

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