Question about pall over chalice

Have the guidelines changed regarding the use of the pall over the chalice in the Novus Ordo Mass? I attend Novus Ordo Mass and I noticed that the priest does not put the pall over the chalice until after the consecration. In the TLM, the priest puts the pall over the chalice after the offertory when the contents are still just wine. Has this been changed in the Novus Ordo so the pall is only used for keeping contamination out of the Precious Blood, not just the plain wine?

There aren’t too many guidelines left in the Bogus Ordo. And whatever they are left of them, they are sure to be ignored altogether someday soon.

No. See GIRM 142 regarding the pall covering the chalice after the prayer “Blessed are you”.

Do you have a link to the GIRM?


I read the GIRM after I got your link, but I didn’t see anything about how the pall is used, only that there could be one on the altar.

I think the “as appropriate” is the loophole that has become the norm. Priests argue that the pall is “not appropriate” because there is next to no risk of anything falling in the chalice, so they don’t need to use one. I had a job that included setting up for Mass, which I always did in as traditional a manner as I knew how, but most of the priests would set the pall to the side (as unnecessary) before Mass even began. Even NO churches that are more smells and bells actively oppose palls, for instance, I was told by a coworker that when she asked the head sacristan at Notre Dame’s Basilica of the Sacred Heart if they could use a pall for Mass, he told her he would get in trouble if he set one out. It’s crazy, but true.

Yes, indeed, but I was interpreting it as IF the pall is used (I think there is an earlier reference that makes it optional and you can have something else but I’m too lazy to look it up) then it should be covered at the Offertory.Very strangely I’ve always seen the opposite-churches where the veil is not used but the pall always is Must be all these pesky flies. :slight_smile: .

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