Question about Penance and Confession

I went to confession today and the Priest told me to do the rosary as my penance. So I went back home and did the rosary I’m still learning to do the rosary but if I would miss a bead would that be considered sinful and not make it a valid confession?


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No. Absolution is granted when the priest absolves you. Let’s say you forgot your penance and substituted some other prayers - you’re still absolved. If you deliberately do not do the penance, well, that would be something to mention in your next confession.

Thanks! :smiley:

If you are scrupulous a good rule is to do the penance as best you can and leave it at that. Don’t repeat it.

Thank you I am pretty Scrupulous especially over the summer its been getting better. :smiley: surprisingly I barely had any bad thoughts during my Penance :smiley: which I was happy Thank you for replying.

I also forgot a sin today Confession I didn’t mean to forget I was gonna say but I was just concentrated on others that I forgot it. Opinion on this? and thanks again ;d

If you forgot it unintentionally it was absolved, but I personally would mention it at the next confession. This happens to me a lot.


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Thanks for the reply. :smiley:

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