Question about personal vow



Some months ago, I was struggling with masturbation. At a certain point, I decided I would swear to God that I would never masturbate again, as a way of deterring me from it. With prayer and effort, I have been able to overcome it. However, my question is: suppose I do give in one time, does that mean that I would also be breaking my vow? Is that really a valid vow anyway? At the time, my intention of promising this was that it would be an extra help and strength to keep me pure. Of course it is always sinful to masturbate, but would it be an additional sin if one were to do it having promised never to do it again? When we sin, aren’t we always kind of breaking our promise to God to be pure and not sin? Thank you, I appreciate your opinions.


I did the same thing a few times actually…its not a good thing and I was young at the time I did it. But for a valid for I believe you need to have witnesses…such as a priest or something of the sort.


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