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In making this thread, my intent isn’t to argue or defend any particular viewpoint (so my intent is to comply with forum rules), nor will I do so in any of my responses. I just want to ask a simple question: What do you have against PETA? That is, why do you dislike their organization and what they do so much?

Again, I will not defend PETA in this thread in anyway; I just wanna know your thoughts about them.

I admire their message, but not necessarily their actions.


Ironic but 80% of PETA members are pro choice.

I dislike PETA because they make such a big deal about saving the animals while they are generally a pro-abortion organization. I have yet to meet a pro-life member of PETA and, believe me, I have spoken to a lot of the members on this subject. I have literally been told by one member that a worm, being that it makes compost which is good for the enviroment, is more worth saving than a, in his own words, “parasidic” baby.

I can’t argue with the majority of their concerens.

But we are carnivores. Some of the teeth that we have are for ripping flesh. I’ve got no problem raising animals for food as long as they’re well looked after and killed humanely. I would have no problem doing it myself if it necessary.

I see. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

My daughter was a big PETA supporter at one time. Then they started sending us free DVDs about the animal cruelty and slaughter and, to me and my daughter, it was just WAY overboard and too graphic. How effective is a DVD going to be if it ends up in the trash? We realize that what goes on with these slaughterhouses, etc. is horrible for the animals, but we don’t need a 45-minute bloodbath on DVD, you know? Or watching their commercials where people are wearing raw meat or animated animals that look like they’ve been skinned. To me, they just really overdo it and the message gets lost.

I detest PETA because they are a group that exploits women and promotes the murder of babies and values animal life over humans.

Their X-rated ad campaigns are more than nauseating. They like to take women and dress them up in “lettuce” bikinis and promote a “Veganism is sexy” not to mention they had one ad that promotes female abuse By having a woman in a neck brace looking beat up and disheveled buying veggies, only to return to a trashy apartment where her boyfriend is sitting on the bed (basically she’s “beat up” because they were having sex and the man is “more powerful” thanks to his veganism)

It’s sick, it’s a sick evil group that promote nothing but death and female exploitation…say what you want about Playboy…at least they are getting paid to be exploited and the women aren’t brainwashed to think that an ant’s life is more important than a baby and laws must be enacted to kill more babies to save the ants.

The first thing that comes to mind is their newest campaign with nude photographs of celebrities. What credibility can I possibly give an organization who, while trying to support animal rights, does so by degrading a human? Its a joke. PETA is a joke. I’ll stick to organizations that actually do something for animals like the ASPCA rather than one that simply goes for shock value.

Vegan here. I despise PETA. They harm their own cause with over the top media circuses, they misuse funds, commit assault, focus on the worst, most insignificant causes imaginable, and actively campaign to get kids to defy and disrespect their parents.

And above all I have the same issue with them that I have with almost every religious, political, or activist group; they get so hung up and committed to their ideology that all reason goes out the window and they can’t see the trees through the forest so to speak.

Now please stop posting vegan evangelization threads. You make us all look nutty.

Re: Question about PETA
Ironic but 80% of PETA members are pro choice.

Very ironic.:confused:

I’m curious–what percentage of pro-lifers are meat-eaters?


I used to be vegan, though I now eat poultry and seafood in limited quantities. But back in the day I was familiar with PETA and other such groups. You’ve summed it up correctly.

why would you be curious?

At best we’re omnivores, though we seem to have more in common biologically with herbivores. Our teeth are more similar to a horse’s teeth (herbivore) than even a closer relative, the gorilla (an omnivore).

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Dear Dailey–

Because if it’s hypocritical to be vegetarian and pro-abortion, then it must also follow that it is hypocritical to be pro-life and eat meat. I’m not disagreeing, I’m just pointing out that door swings both ways.


I like the saying I saw on a T-shirt at a gun show:
People Eating Tame Animals:D


While you may believe that this is simple logic it is not. See here.

PETA…is People for ETHICAL Treatment of Animals.

This is the focus, ie animals. The focus is leave the animals alone become a vegeterian or Vegan. Concern for the life of the animal includes animal birth control on their website.

Now let us look at pro-life issues. I would ask you to find me a Pro-life, anti-abortion site that provides you any suggestion about animals or how to choose your diet. These are not entertained as united issues.

So…while you may believe and superficially believe that the door swimgs both ways there is no relation to the door or building.

These causes are not in any way similar. The focus could be this…

Become Vegan Save Animals
Save Animals become Vegan

Either way it is the same purpose and the purposes are linked.

Save babies eat what you like
eat what you like save babies
Save babies Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore, Carnivore
Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivor, Carnivor Save Babies

These thoughts are unrelated and the link does not equate as you say…Eating has nothing to do with saving babies.

You may want to rethink your swinging door…

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