Question about Pope Francis

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I have been reading a history of the Society of Jesus. Very interesting indeed. My understanding from what the author is trying to convey is that the whole purpose of the Society’s existence is to serve God through Jesus Christ’s representative on earth, who is the Pope. What are the implications of this if the Pope is a member of the Society of Jesus?

Thanks, Kat

Jesuits do take an oath of loyalty to the Pope. Does that mean that the first Jesuit Pope has an oath of loyalty to himself? I think that it does not mean much. Francis has the same responsibilities as other bishops and popes.

Vows of obedience to superiors are pretty common among members of religious orders. Nobody has a problem with an abbot having vowed obedience to his abbot. A group that vows obedience to the Pope having a member who’s the Pope is just a more impressive version of an abbot with a vow of obedience.

There are no implications in either theology or Canon Law. As a Jesuit, the Pope does not answer to the Superior General of the Society of Jesus. The Pope doesn’t answer to any human authority.

I’m sure the Jesuits think that a Jesuit Pope is waaaayyyy cool, but I think they would been more pleased had he had named himself after St. Ignatius of Loyola instead of St. Francis of Assisi. I’m sure some think he got his wires crossed.

So that answers some of my confusion. The current Pope is no longer has to answer to his Superior General. I had not thought about who he had named himself after.

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