Question about prayer intention lists


There seems to be so many people a causes that need our prayers that I tend to loose track of them all. Because of this I’m thinking about putting together a “Prayer Intention List.”

If you use one please tell me how you utilize it.



I have a list that I keep in my prayerbook. I have it on computer and update it from time to time. It’s a long list, so I group it into categories such as:
*]Those suffering from physical or mental illness
*]Deceased loved ones
*]World issues, peace, natural disasters, etc.
*]Pro-life intentions
*]Conversion of loved ones
*]Priests, bishop(s), Pope, religious, vocations
*]Family members
*]Government officials
Each category has specific names or intentions under it (sometimes I use initials or a code name to protect the identity in case the list were to fall into the wrong hands).

It helps me remember those I’ve promised to pray for. I used to use it daily; sometimes I would pray individually (if briefly) for each one on the list; sometimes I would send up a general prayer for everyone on the list; sometimes I would concentrate on a particular area.

I don’t use it regularly at the moment, but I expect to go back to it from time to time.


Keep a binder with name, date, and reason. Seems to work just fine for me.


I have a huge list of everyone and anything that needs prayers. and I say, Lord, please hear all of the intentions on my prayer list and grant them. Thank you.


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