Question about print resources regarding Lutheran, LCMS tradition.

This may be for JonNC and any other followers of the LCMS tradition.

If one is Catholic and wanted to learn more about LCMS, what print resources would you recommend that would explain the faith in terms that an ordinary person would understand?

Thanks so much!

My first suggestion would be to explore the synod website at I will admit it isn’t the easiest to navigate, but there you will find lots of info. If you’re looking for hardcopy resources, I believe things can be ordered there, or from the synod’s publishing company,

I would also suggest finding a local parish. Most will have a small library, or the pastor may have materials you can borrow.

Does that help?


Thank you Jon. Yes that helps.

I’ve been periodically exploring the LCMS site you recommended over the last year.

Our child attends an LCMS based Christian school and have access to the Reverends there.

Just didn’t know if there was a definitive must read on the topic.

Thanks again!

Well, the definitive must-read for Lutheranism is the Book of Concord, and most importantly within it, the Augsburg Confession, The Apology of the Augsburg Confession, and The Small Catechism. They can be found online here:

Now, I do not want my responses here to be misconstrued as proselytizing, not only because it is against forum policy, but also because I recognize you are currently a member of a Christian communion that preaches the word and administers the sacraments.
If you are considering converting, I strongly encourage you to also speak with your priest about your concerns, whatever they may be. ISTM that when one converts, it is just as important to know what one is leaving behind as it is to know what one is heading toward.

Then again, if you’re not considering conversion, just ignore the last two paragraphs. :smiley:


Thank you again Jon.

Few reasons / comments…

  • I think converting would be a drastic decision which I’m not prepared to embark on.

  • As I said, we send our daughter to a Lutheran, LCMS school and we’re now getting the remarks from family on why we are doing so and not sending to a Catholic school. Beyond the fact that there aren’t any in our feasible driving area, we are quite pleased with the school she’s attending. Beyond the fact of anything else - it’s no ones business where we send our child other than ours.

  • Without being able to properly articulate the last point - but here it goes anyways - from the bit I’ve been exposed to, I seem to think of it as a very interesting and very valid faith that seems to fall in line with many of my beliefs. I’ll leave it at that in order to not start a match with any of the hardcore Catholics on this site which I will not go to discussions with.

Thanks again.

My LCMS church has a school and I was surprised at how many Catholic children there were - I know it’s a policy of the director of our school that all Christian children should find the faith they share with their parents strengthened - there is abolutly no “sheep stealing” going on, in fact quite the opposite as the school really does strengthen the children in their faith.

I would recommend that you have a conversation with the director of the school just to confirm that they too are helping your child grown in their Catholic faith. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

As Ben said, most LCMS schools are probably less inclined to sheep stealing than schools of some other communions. Catechesis is more often to happen in Sunday School or, later, in catechetical class. That said, it is Lutheran, and I encourage you to be dilligent in making sure your child is catechized in the way you want.
There was a poster here before who was Catholic and had his kids in Lutheran School, and was absolutely pleased.


Believe me when I tell you - sheep stealing is the farthest thing from my mind!!

We think the school is very, very good and the fact that they bring it from a Christian perspective is an added bonus.

If anything it has opened my eyes to the LCMS Faith and would like to know more about it.

I am not concerned about anyone leading our child astray at all.

Again, we are in no way concerned of anyone trying to participate in sheep stealing. From the little I have read, I happen to think the Faith is wonderful.

Besides the Book of Concord, I would recommend Lutheranism 101, The Lutheran Difference - An Explaination & Comparism of Christian Beliefs, and Walther’s Law & Gospel - How to Read and Apply the Bible.

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