Question about printed editions of the vulgate

// i would like to know if the printed editions of the clementine vulgate have the “apocryphas” in the appendix as the original clementine vulgate??? i know for a fact that the ones by michael tweedale and by b.a.c (biblioteca de autores cristianos) do not contain them…

// also, is there any difference (in text) between the clementine vulgate and the “stuttgart” vulgate???

thank you…

You can find the Apocrypha (2 Esdras, 3 Esdras, Prayer of Manasseh) in the appendix of this edition

Douay-Rheims & Clementine Vulgate (side-by-side)

however it is expensive… I am not aware of any stand-alone Clementine Vulgate reprint with the apocrypha

The Clementine Vulgate and the “Stuttgart” Vulgate are two different versions using different manuscripts so I’m sure the text is different

You can compare the texts from the Clementine Vulgate downloadable for free HERE and the Stuttgart Vulgate from HERE

The 1861 Vercellone and the 1914 Hetzenauer editions both have the Catholic apocryphas (books outside the Catholic Canon). Scans of each book are here:

Yes, there are numerous differences between the critical Stuttgart and the Clementine. I don’t consider the Stuttgart to be a Vulgate. The term Vulgate refers to the commonly used edition in the Church; it is generally only used as a Catholic term, i.e. for Catholic common useage.

// thanks…i do know about the douay-rheims (challoner) w/ clementine vulgate… i just wish i had the money and had waited for it’s release…instead i bought the douay-rheims (challoner) burgundy leather version desperately in need of a good english bible… :frowning:

// thanks…nice website…i’ve seen your site before , but did not notice about the vercellone and hetzenauer scans… pretty much i should just avoid the stuttgart version then…

// are the vercellone and hetzenauer editions in current print???

// oh a question for you mr. conte… which edition(s) did you use for your translation and which one do you recommend???

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