Question about Private Revelations in the Orthodox Churches

In the Catholic Church, there have been various private revelations given by Our Lady, or by Jesus.

Has there aver been any private revelation from God in the Orthodox Church since the Great Schism?

Yes, Jesus appeared in the 1920s or 30s I believe to Sister Faustina to bring the Divine Mercy devotion. That said, even if the revelation is brought from a saint or the Blessed Mother, it is coming from God.

He’s asking about the Orthodox, not Eastern rite Catholics.

The Orthodox have a couple of private revelations. One is of Mary in Egypt and another is a so-called “Great Revelation” received by one of their saints. Neither is a part of the despoit of faith, though.

Private Revelation (Church Fathers)

Never heard of any “Great Revelation”. :shrug:
The Theotokos appearing in Egypt was an apparition, not a revelation- she said nothing. She was seen praying, I believe.

Wasn’t Faustina a Latin Catholic? Not really an “Eastern Catholic” devotion or revelation.

Yes, Saint Faustina Kowalska was from Poland and a Roman Catholic Sister. She was not Eastern Catholic (i.e. Ukrainian Catholic being the closest in proximity) but Eastern Catholics I know have paintings of Jesus of the Divine Mercy. And again today there are Eastern Catholics and there are Eastern Orthodox, but I think the OP was for the Orthodox.

I have only read the Great Revelation once, and it was about theosis. I don’t remember the Orthodox saint who received it, but supposedly it was from the Holy Spirit. I’ve tried to find it again online, but to no avail. Thus is God’s Will.

I know she wasn’t Orthodox. I misread the question. I thought he was asking if Jesus had appeared in the Catholic Church.

I found it:


The Revelations of the Virgin to Archbishop John in Russia

Eesh!!! THIS GUY?!?!

"1991, first community registered in Moscow as Church of the Mother of God Transfiguring. 1997, as All-Russia Orthodox Church of the Mother of God the Queen of Heavenf and Earth. 1992, Church affiliated with the International Concil of Community Churches (I.C.C.C., member unit of World Council of Churches, as All-Russia Mother of God Church/Centre (Archbishop John, primate). Retaining canonical and spiritual links with the past, the movement combines the best in the Eastern Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches, revering saints of the world religions."

This guy is not Orthodox, nor are his followers. He’s not part of any canonical Orthodox Church. He’s a whacko.

No, he wans’t a bishop, I remember that much. But I can’t rememeber his name.

Can’t be anything anyone takes seriously then. I’ve never heard of any revelations ala Latin Catholicism. I’d be aware of it if it was something I was supposed to believe.

Why should there have been? They are not needed.

Now, about the closest there is, to my knowledge, is the conversation of Nicholas Motovilov with St. Seraphim of Sarov, usually published (and available on line) in English as “A wonderful revelation to the world.”

Are you talking about the aerial toll houses where St. Theodora appeared to St. Basil the New and described what happened to her soul after she died?

I’m not sure, but it’s either that or St. Seriphium.

Sorry, I wasn’t that specific. Here’s the wikipedia article on the subject:

I won’t go into a discussion about it because it always get debated about on forums. I’ve heard it described as an audible icon, if you know how symbolic icons are. But anyways, this aerial toll house concept is not a dogma in the Orthodox Church. Some subscribe to it and some don’t.

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