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I am interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. RCIA begins this week at a local parish, would it be acceptable to attend although I have not yet attended mass? Although I am feeling drawn to Catholicism, I personally do not feel comfortable with attending mass just yet, or at least until I have a better understanding of the faith.


Completely acceptable. Just go. It’s set up like a class most of the time so there’s not much opportunity to be uncomfortable. I went through RCIA in 2015 and lots of people attended who did not attend mass.


It’s perfectly acceptable to attend RCIA before going to your first mass


You should feel free to attend RCIA if you’re interested. But you can also check out what a Catholic Mass is like and get a feel for the liturgy that nurtures and sustains Catholics. You don’t have to fully understand Catholic beliefs to pray with us. :slight_smile:


Go. ask questions of how to get the process started to come into the Church. Praying for you:

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be


There are several posts on this forum on the Mass. Ask the RCIA teachers to spend a few minutes on giving an introduction to the Mass on your first class. It will be covered in depth later on.


Definitely feel free to go to RCIA! People are in all different places, and that’s fine. I know some that are going to RCIA that have been going to Mass with their spouse for the past 30 years. And then others in RCIA have never been to Mass before. That’s totally fine.

Of course, eventually it is good to go, become familiar with the Mass, and establish a habit of regular Sunday Mass attendance. But you don’t have to be at that place before you even start RCIA.

God bless you on your journey!


Go! You will have a chance as part of the program to attend Mass before it finishes. There is no commitment until Easter Vigil.



Wow ! That’s a lot of love to you K - Include me in that encouragement also !


You could, but were I you, I’d go to Mass anyway. (Just remember, do NOT receive communion).


Acceptable, encouraged, and celebrated!!! Class starts at 7 tonight here!


Yes it is acceptable. Your situation is not unusual. Some people do not feel ‘ready’ for Mass for months while they study and accept the faith.



While the term “RCIA” has become generic, they are actually “Instruction in the Catholic Faith” sessions (I encourage parishes to begin using this term so people like you might feel more welcome).

People attend these sessions to learn, and some will be preparing for the Rite of Christian Initiation. Likely others will be adults who need to be Confirmed, others will be simply inquirers.


I was in RCIA two years ago and fell in love with the Catholic faith. I hope your instructors are as good as mine were. Don’t be nervous about attending mass. You’re welcome there! If you don’t follow or understand everything, don’t worry about it. You will learn in time. Just don’t go up for communion until the Easter Vigil if you decide to commit. God Bless and enjoy the journey!


I wholeheartedly agree with all the above comments. Don’t be hesitant or afraid - go and enjoy the experience. You will know when you are ready - the Holy Spirit is a great prompter :slight_smile:


The ancient model for the RCIA excluded the unbaptized from celebrations of the Eucharist, so you are at just the right point in your journey.

Unless you have already been baptized. Then you could follow the advice of others and attend (but do not receive communion). It is your right as a Christian to pray with us.


Yes absolutely.


[quote=“K_allyse, post:1, topic:522199”] I personally do not feel comfortable with attending mass just yet,

View masses on TV or on youtube until you do. Here in Pittsburgh, there are locally televised masses on cable. If you have EWTN, they carry masses as well. In a few weeks, Midnight Mass will be on TV from Rome.


Attending Mass would be a very good way of acquiring a better understanding of the faith.


I went through RCIA nearly 20 years ago. Once you are part of an RCIA program, you attend Mass with your classmates, sponsors, and teacher. You’ll leave together after the Liturgy of the Word. Congregants are used to the procedure. As for going to Mass, you can watch it on YouTube. God bless you in your spiritual journey.

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