Question about reading Stephen King

I’m a fan of his early works. It. Rose madder, misery, thinner, the stand. Good works. He is a great storyteller and a so so writer like so many modern writers. After a while though he started cranking out books rapid fire. And the quality of the story suffered.

I am not a fan of either author. Don’t need that stuff for my reading enjoyment. I read Firestarter by King and Koontz by selecting the wrong book - done.

Dean Koontz is a fellow Catholic, I’d recommend his fiction with two thumbs up!


If you enjoy Stephen King, feel free to read him. I’m not really into fiction or horror fiction. I have enjoyed some of the movie versions of his works.

I did read the book version of “Carrie” and thought it was very well crafted, especially the ending which was much better and more subtle than the film ending.

On a general note, if you think something isn’t good for you personally, you’re the only one who can make that decision for yourself. Other people may have completely different tastes or completely different stuff that sets them off. I know someone (adult) who says he fell into serious sin over certain G-rated media and had to get rid of everything in the house pertaining to it. I could read Stephen King all day and the only effect it would have on me is making me feel bored or that I wasted my time. Someone else might read the same thing and have dark thoughts come into their head.


I liked The Stand.
The miniseries was a bit bizarre in its casting choices.

He can be a bit pervy, though.
Not sexy.

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LOVED The Stand mini-series on ABC! I saw in it a kind of secular version of the great chastisements prophesied in Scripture and private revelations. As far as offensive material, the only thing that comes to mind is an implied sex scene “after the fact” with Laura San Giacomo’s character. Pretty tame compared to a lot of the stuff out there. I’m not one to devote myself to a mini-series — Breaking Bad and Amerika would be exceptions — but I did enjoy The Stand.

(And yes, I know, one could ask “you find one fleeting sex scene offensive but you don’t find the annihilation of almost the entire human race offensive?”. Using that reasoning, the story of Noah and the ark is offensive. And there is implied illicit sex in the Bible too. But I digress.)

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I love Koontz! The guy styles quality villains.

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Yeah, but…

The kid from Parker Lewis Can’t Lose as Harold?

Molly Ringwold and Gary Sienese then throw in Rob Lowe and Patrick from Spongebob…

M-0-0-N spells bizarre…

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To the OP,

I read those two books many years ago. He was one of my favorite authors back then and used to read all his books my library stocked. Sometimes reading tastes change according to age and whatever stage in life be that secular or spiritual we are at.

I gave that genre up, because they were no longer scary/thrilling, and that also applied to movies. :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for all the replies, guys.

I am reading The Dark Tower saga and I love it, it’s really epic and complex.

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