Question About Real Presence in Eucharist

What the heck? Where did THAT come from?

Of course Jesus can be in many places “at once.” Consider that in receiving the Eucharist you receive Jesus in his entirety–his whole body and blood, whole and entire, including his soul and divinity along with his human nature. Jesus has only one body, and he is not multiplied in the Eucharist. Neither is he divided. Yet the person behind you in the communion line receives the SAME Jesus that you just received, and that everybody else receives.

Location–spatial location–is an accident, along with all the other things which are perceptible to the senses. Both spatial location and temporal location are “appearances” or “accidents.” And we do not perceive Jesus’ accidents in the Eucharist. We perceive only the accidents of bread and wine. We may say that he is present in many places and times simultaneously, but from his point of view he is making his one body present to each of us. (Also, since he has only one body, in becoming united with him, we become united with one another,)

I think ill go with what the priest said in one of the links I provided (I think its from another thread). Jesus turned the bread and wine into His body and blood by His own divine power, at the Last Supper.

I think he also said the Eucharist wasn’t glorified at the Last Supper.

So it was the Divine power of Jesus that turned it into His body and blood ?


Ok, but I still think the Eucharist may have been glorified, as it says so in two articles, one written by a CAF member.

From France, my answer was in my post which you referenced. I see you have no answer.

Originally Posted by jlhargus You tell me since your so smart.

Faith: What the heck? Where did THAT come from?

JL: Faith after going back and reading more of this line. I owe you an apology for my smart remark. I’m sorry.

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