Question about receiving the Eucharist

I know it’s permissible to go to Communion twice in one day if you are attending two different Masses, but what about receiving the Eucharist at a Communion service, and then at a Mass?
My daughter’s Catholic high school will not be having Mass for All Saints Day, just a “liturgy” (as I was told by the school secretary.) This means they’re probably going to have just a Communion service. We want to go to 7 p.m. Mass at our parish as a family. Would DD be able to go to Communion at this Mass if she’s already received at the “liturgy”?

The Church teaches that you can receive the Eucharist twice if the second time is a Mass. So it sounds like going to a Communion service first then a Mass is acceptable.

I have seen and heard of people going to more than one mass to have the eucharist as much as 4 times on the weekend. Isnt that along the path of greed… would you like it if someone came to your house 4 times in one night to eat? I cant believe people do this. Do they think they will get 4 times the blessing. Please this makes me want to confess for their soul. I think we confess for so many before us anyway which i do with love for my brothers and sisters anyway but to hear of this is gluttony of the soul. peace

That is how I understand it as well as long as the person is participating in the Mass.

Different question on the Eucharist. In Orlando, a UCF student received the body of Christ, but did not eat it. Instead, he put it in his pocket and removed it from the church to show a friend. He said he wanted his friend to see what is was like. He did return it to the church a week later, which makes me think he wasn’t even Catholic.

Naturally, church officials are quite upset. The Holy MInisters are supposed to stop someone who does not eat or drink, but he was allowed to put it in his pocket and leave the church with it. What should happen to this person?

This is off topic. Would you start another thread so we can discuss?

receiving the eucharist is suppose to be sacred, not a feeding frenzy.Many things i think should be reevaluated by the church. Why would anyone take the eucharist unless at mass. I know why but i wonder why they are even catholic to insult jesus like this.I would think in a parellel that it would be like seeing a movie twice,a poor anology but…after the first one you lose the whole meaning.

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