Question About Saying the Rosary


I know usually the rosary is prayed vocally. If in the presence of others or something (that you don’t want to disturb) can you pray the rosary internally? Is that even possible since mentally we’re supposed to be meditating on the mysteries?


I’ve never heard that the Rosary had to be prayed vocally. :confused:

If you’re with a group and saying it with them, sure but by yourself? I mean, since it is between yourself, God and His Mother, I see no reason why doing it silently would be wrong.


You are free to say it internally. The reason it is commonly said vocally is to involve all your sense and thus immerse you deeper in prayer.


I often pray the rosary silently.


Do what ever that you feel would bring you closer to Jesus, His Mother, and His Church. While the Rosary is, as you said, prayed aloud in a group, there is no requirement.


Ok, thanks for the help everyone.


If you pray the Rosary internally, you can still meditate.

Try it…it is the same thing as saying it vocally…(sans vocals)

Admittedly, I know sometimes meditating while saying it vocally becomes hard and you get distracted with other thoughts.

I think it was Saint Theresa of Avila who had a problem with meditating on the mysteries sometimes. (I could be wrong on which Saint this was who said this.) She realized we need to offer it up to God. Tell God that we want to be fully immersed in meditation and apologize that sometimes our thoughts stray. Simply offer it up to God that you are being distracted and ask Him to help you to be more focused on the meditation of the mysteries.


Actually I just tried praying the rosary internally today and was shocked by the fact I could do it. It was actually really easy to me, I don’t really get how, but I guess I can pray and mediate internally at the same time. Thanks again everyone.


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