Question about scheduling

How can I balance my schedule with my family’s?
Case in question:
I am working with some people to start up the first pro life group on our campus, and I’m the secretary. I am really excited about this; all the pieces seem to be falling into place right now for our group (after about 8 months of waiting). Problem is, mtgs tend to be on Monday nights.
In August, however, I didn’t know pieces were going to be falling into place. It seemed as if our group was going to be put on hold until Jan, to get past bureaucratic tape. So when my mom asked me if I could babysit my younger siblings so she could join a singing group that met Monday nights, I said yes. Because as far as I knew, I was going to be free. I even made sure I didn’t have to work Monday nights so she could do something for herself for once.
My brother, also in college, isn’t available to pinch-sit for me because he is in play practice practically every night until opening night. Because this is school, he’s automatically out of the picture.
My dad signed up to teach classes Monday nights back in January.

This Monday I’m able to make it; the kids will be with Mom until I swing by to pick them up on the way home so they could go to bed at a decent time. Depending on how long the mtg goes, I probably will have to leave before it’s over.

But I’m worried about future Mondays. My mom offered to put her singing on hold until Jan (when dad’s contract is up). I would feel guilty, though, if it came to that. After homeschooling all day (while Dad works from home most days) she needs a break. I made a committment to her, but I also made a prior commitment to SFL (students for life). I don’t know how many more mon. night meetings we will have between now and Jan…if I simply can’t show up, I’ll feel guilty. Though they’re too nice to tell me, I probably should resign as secretary and stay on as aux. member if this scheduling conflict continues to happen. :frowning:

I’m going to try to ask the SFL president if he could consider a different mtg time, but I’m not sure how to go about asking him without causing him scheduling trouble too. :blush:

What are your guys’ advice? Should I take up my mom’s offer, or should I resign? Or just try to hang on until Jan? My family can’t do the juggling act every time the conflict happens. It’s complicated, and I don’t want to tread on anybody’s toes. (And of course, dad’s acting all persnickety about it. Because we only have three cars, either Dad picks up Mom, or Mom picks up Dad. So Dad decided to walk home this Mon. :frowning: )

You can still be active without being at every meeting. Since you are secretary, you might want to ask someone else to fill in for you until you can commit to the meetings, or maybe they could change the day of the meeting? Or would it be possible to have the meeting at your house?

If you can’t make the meetings, make sure someone sends you minutes and let them know what you are willing to volunteer for. You can do so many things from home with the phone and computer.

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