Question about some OT books


Quick question about some Old Testament books: what happened to 3 Kings, 4 Kings, 1 Esdras, and 2 Esdras? I saw them mentioned in a 1957 Catechism, but I don’t see them listed in my NAB. Did they get “cut”, or do they go by some other name?? :confused:
Thank you, and pax tecum (peace be with you).


3 & 4 Kings are 1 & 2 Kings, respectively. (The Douay-Rheims labels of “1 and 2 Kings” are now referred to as 1 and 2 Samuel.)

1 & 2 Esdras are Ezra and Nehemiah.

Google is your friend, btw… :wink:


Alrighty then, thank you!:slight_smile:


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