Question about St. Luke?

So I’m typing up catholic beliefs, this is going to help me out, as well as my cousin who is going to get married in February to a non catholic, but who is open to the catholic faith, and to my aunt who is married to a non catholic.

When I started reading Luke 1:39-57 about the visitation and 2 Samuel I was able to understand that yes Mary is the ark.

But what I think it’s interesting that Luke, more than likely from what I read didn’t met Jesus,and I don’t know whether he met our blessed mother, but to see the devotion he has for her in his gospel, to make the parallel between 2 Samuel 6, and his gospel stuns me considering that he was not a Jew.

I believe that St. Luke that got much of his information directly from the Blessed Mother.

It is still amazing doh. I don’t think she told him to compare her visitation trip to David moving the ark.

I don’t think he necessarily was intending to. If it was his intention to point his readers towards that understanding, he would have likely explicitly stated it in some way. The events match up far too well to be mere coincidence, but I don’t think St. Luke himself was aware of it.

According to a tradition St. Luke was the first icon painter to depict the Blessed Virgin and hence is the Patron Saint of artists. Moreover the Gospel of St. Luke has a close connection with the Holy Rosary, as the first part of the Ave Maria derives from it, and the Mysteries of the Visitation, the Nativity as to the Birth of Christ, the Presentation, the Finding in the Temple, the Ascension and the Descent of the Holy Spirit are recorded only by him among the Evangelists.

Here is what the Douay-Rheims Study Bible has in the Preface of the Gospel of Luke

Luke puts himself in the train of Paul, writing thus in the story. Forthwith we sought to go into Macedonia, and in like manner in the first person, commonly through the rest of that book. Of him and his gospel, Jerome understands this saying of Paul: We have sent with him the brother, whose praise is in the Gospel through all Churches, were also he adds: Some suppose so often as Paul in his Epistles said, According to my gospel, that he means of Luke’s book. And again: Luke learned the Gospel not only of the Apostle Paul, who had not been with our Lord in flesh, but of the other Apostles: which himself also in the beginning of his book declares, saying, As they delivered to us who themselves from the beginning saw, and were ministers of the word. It followed in Jerome: Therefore he wrote the Gospel, as he had heard: but the Acts of the Apostles he compiled as he had seen. Paul writes of him by name to the Colossians (Col. 4:14): Luke the Physician salutes you, and to Timothy (2 Tim. 4:21): Luke alone is with me.

Luke is said to have painted a portrait of the Blessed Mother. It is said that she posed for the painting in person.


I think that it is so amazing tha he did a portrait of our blessed mother and nobody said that he was committing idolatry.

Haha! The Fundamentalists would have been condemning Luke!

According to tradition and some other places and sources. Also one of the prominent views held by the Catholic Church keeper and guardian of truth.

God bless

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