Question about St. Micheal's prayer

I was looking up information on St. Micheal and I came up with this website

I read it and now I’m curious if the various claims have some truth or if its more protestant false propaganda.

So, I would like to know what you guys know about the origins of the St. Micheal prayer.

I think it’s actually ultratraditionalist schismatic sede-vacantist propaganda.

The prayer to St. Michael is cool.

That site…is not.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

As far as I know, the exact origin of the prayer is unknown - except that we know that Leo XIII composed it, I think the reasons given as to why he composed it are largely based on rumour. One such rumour is that he heard this conversation which is on the website you saw. However, I would question the legitimacy of this story as it claims that Pope Leo heard Christ giving Satan time and power to destroy the Church. We know Christ assured Peter that the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church, so if there is a choice between giving credence to Scripture and an opposing rumour, I would choose Scripture - God’s unchanging word. I wouldn’t give much attention to the St Josephs “Catholic” Church - if you look at the website you can see that they could not possibly be in full communion with Rome: Pius XII was, according to them, the last ‘good’ pope; they do not accept the validity of the Novus Ordo and give reasons why people should not attend the N.O.; new bishops are not new bishops; in terms of the Sacraments - they distinguish between the sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church and the New Church since Vatican II…

HI! I do not know where the prayer to St Michael came from as is the case with so many prayers, except the Our Father which we know Jesus taught the apostles. The prayer to St. Michael is a very powerful prayer as He was the Angel who defended God and Heaven when Satan rebelled against God, through pride. He thought he could do a better Job!. However He is St Michel the Arc Angle and is very powerful in defending each and every one of us especially if we call on him in a moment of temptation.
Other prayers to Our Blssed Lady are readily available, as She dictated them her herself to some Saints.
Of course the most recent one is the prayer of Divine Mercy which Jesus dicatedd Himself to St. Faustina. This gives promises of His Divine Mercy for us all who TRUST in Him.Well worth getting a copy of this Novena and Chaplet. St Faustina was from Poland and Jesus Himself told her what to write in her diary as she could hardly read or write. She was one of three Saints cannonised by Pope John 11 just before he died. God Bless:)

Agree with the essence of the other posts. All versions of the prayer to St. Michael are very good and he is an awesome saint to have a devotion to - one of mine actually.

Don’t get caught up though in the propaganda from the various schismatic elements that are out there.


Thanks, To all

As a child I remember my mother teaching us to pray to our gardian angel.

She would also add the short version of the St. Micheal prayer to the end of the rosary. It is a prayer which always gives me goose bumps as I pray it because it reminds me of the famous picture of St. Micheal standing on satan. It is a powerfull prayer that we should pray more often in these troubled times!

Once again thanks


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