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This question has probably been asked before…

Is there a reason why St. Paul has not been named “Doctor of the Church”? It seems like he would be a perfect candidate… given that so many of his writings and teachings are counted among Sacred Scripture. :shrug:

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Just guessing here, but maybe it’s because being an ‘apostle’ and all (I know, not of the big 12, but he still officially gets that title I believe) and standing with St Peter as one of the two pillars of the Church, maybe ‘doctor’ just isn’t necessary. Maybe it’s just taken for granted – given all that other stuff – that he was a great teacher of the faith.

I don’t know if that’s right, but I figured I’d take a shot at it :slight_smile:


I once saw a discussion of this, but don’t remember all the details I think it is a matter of dates. I offer the following, but use at your own risk.:wink:

The apostles, evangelists etc of the first generation Christians receive Divine revelations.

The following generations who commented and expanded on these revelations were designated the Church Fathers. I think this cuts off around the time of the Council of Nicea.

Exceptional teachers after that time have been designated Doctors of the Church.


I think you nailed it with the first part concerning revelation.

However, there Doctors who are also Fathers–Doctors are exceptional teachers of the faith any era. There are also Fathers well after Nicea, but generally your definition is a good one.


Awesome answers! Thanks to all. :thumbsup:


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