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Is it true that Vatican Hill was once a Necropolis, a Pagan burial ground, where Jews and Christians were forbidden to be buried?

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According to our own Vatican source, St. Peter was buried directly under Baldachin, by Bernini, in the modern St. Peter’s Basilica.

On June 26, 1968, Pope Paul VI announced that the relics of St. Peter had been discovered after bone testing was done.

On November 24, 2013, these relics were held by Pope Francis and displayed publicly for the first time after celebrating closing ‘Year of Faith’ Mass.

St Peter’s remain was found in the second tomb in the monument in 1942 by an administrator of St. Peter and stored in a safe place being unsure of the correct archaeological procedure.

Later, Professor Margherita Guarducci discovered these relics by chance. She informed Pope Paul VI of her belief that these remains were those of St. Peter.

For Catholics, it has been a tradition that St Peter died in Rome and that the present St Peter Basilica was built on top of his burial ground. Despite many renovations, the building itself is a testimony of its antiquity and claim of Christian originality.

Through the Fabbrica di San Pietro one can visit the excavations – either in person, if you are in Rome and plan in advance, or virtually via the internet.

Before the construction of the Constantinian Basilica, the necropolis was an open air cemetery.

So Jews and Christians were allowed to be buried there in the 1st century?

If you were killed in Nero’s circus (which was next door), you were probably going to be buried in the Vatican necropolis.

I don’t know about Jews, but if you were executed as a Christian, as Peter was, it wasn’t so much that Christians were “allowed” to be buried there, so much as CRIMINALS executed in the Circus of Nero were buried there, as criminals. I’ve been to the Scavi under St. Peter’s and it was an amazing experience. Recommended book: “The Bones of St. Peter” by John Evangelist Walsh.

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