Question about teen drinking

I drank alcohol when I was a teenager behind my parents back. But they didn’t talk to me about the dangers of drinking or getting drunk. I grew up with very little faith or religion.
My kids are very young but I already lecture them about the dangers and sinfulness of drinking alcohol and doing drugs.
My question is to those parents of teens. Do your kids drink and what have you said to them to either stop them or if they don’t drink, what worked to stop them from drinking?

Coming from personal experience. Everybody in my family including me, drinks. Heck I even make beer and wine and enjoy it a lot. It’s not taboo here by any means although, I’ve seen it used improperly and know the outcome of it. It’s what kept me from wanting to get drunk. Alcohol simply is just a part of society and we must learn to interact with it properly. My advice would be to show that drinking isn’t some intrinsic devilish, sinful activity that leads people to hell, but just something that needs to be in moderation and taken under the proper circumstances. But also show how it can lead people to make poor choices in life. Also note that 21 isn’t some magically number that means one is mature enough to drink. Maturity ranges in individuals and some people never seem to reach it no matter how old chronologically they get. So while 21 does have it’s place I would stress a lot more on mental maturity than physical and show examples of how many people young and older make immature decisions about drinking. And of course show how teens should respect their parent’s decisions when it comes to drinking and that failure to obey leads to poor choices.

We have raised our son to obey the laws of the land.

In our state, it is legal for a parent to permit their minor child to consume alcohol at home. When our son was young, he was permitted to have some wine or a beer. He learned to responsibility. He was not permitted to drink where it was illegal, and knew the consequences should he break the law.

I know my state does not allow minor drinking at all. I guess I saw mostly irresponsible drinking while I was growing up so I used to drink to get drunk as a teen and young adult, and as a result, I don’t drink at all since I had children… I am so afraid that my kids will drink and get into trouble like I did. I’m not saying that the adults that drink are all irresponsible, I do understand that mature people can drink responsibly, I just haven’t seen that in my own life. But thank you all for your advice, keep it all coming…Thank you:)

Well, I’m no parent, but I’m still a teen (barely). My family never talked to me about drugs or drinking or anything, probably because they all drank and smoked. But the school crammed it into our heads from day one, and I just grew up assuming, Ok, drinking is bad, and only bad people drink before they are 21. It was as simple as that in my young brain.

In high school, my friends and I were all the outcasts. Our Friday nights were spent watching anime, eating popcorn, and giggleing about our favorite books. We never had any interest in drinking, because we’d all seen first hand how destructive it could be.

But I’m wierd. Like, reeeally wierd.

I think that’s great you didn’t drink and you are not weird, I hope my kids turn out like you:)

How bout hoping your kids just take after my GOOD habbits :wink:

But Yeah. The school, if your kids go to public school, will probably have DARE programs and stuff from the get-go, but by the time they’re in high school, most of their peers are doing drugs, drinking, smoking, or having sex. I was a social outcast, so I was flabbergasted when I learned the things the other kids were doing. Chances are, your kids are more social adept, so it will be more important to make sure the message is comin from HOME as well.

Remember, most teens will learn about drinking from someone, either at home or from friends. I would rather they learn from me what is legal and what is responsible.

Also enforce our Church’s teaching, that it is not a sin to drink in moderation.

ETA - at least give them some wine before FHC time, so the kids know what the blood will taste like (I have seen kids spit out the blood of Christ because they have never tasted wine).

I’ve told both my sons that they never have to worry about dying from drinking. I’ve told them that it is far, far more likely that they will die from my hand if they are caught driving after drinking, getting in a car with someone else that has been drinking (even if the person driving is stone sober) or involved or assocated with someone who is underage drinking.

And they believe me, although I wouldn’t literally kill them.

I know my college aged son is no stranger to beer, wine or other alcohol while away at school. However, he is also no stranger to the unlikelihood of me bailiing him out of jail if he ever gets into trouble for underaged drinking or gets into trouble while drinking when he becomes legal.

In my opinion this is the best way to do it (as long as alcoholism is not in the family). If your child doesn’t see it as a forbidden fruit, it is unlikely they are going to go out and experiment when it is something they do with their parents.

:eek::eek::eek: We agree on something :eek::eek::eek:

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I don’t really know how I am going to deal with drinking and drugs. My wife and myself both have addiction in the family (I would consider myself an addict actually). I think I should approach it as if my son and any future children we have will have that addictive nature as well. I think that I should be straight up with them about it and tell them there is a very good chance that they could become alcoholics or drug addicts if they try, and tell them the problems that addiction caused.

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Drinking alcohol is dangerous for young people under 18 because they are physically and emotionally less able to cope with the effects of drinking alcohol.

For parents who find their teens experimenting with alcohol, it’s important to nip the habit in the bud while it’s still early. Too much experimentation may lead to teen alcohol abuse.

Here are a few tips that can help you deal with teenage drinking.

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