Question about temps (NFP)


Thanks to a teething, cranky baby, and a sick, snoring husband, I haven’t gotten much sleep lately. Yesterday my husband couldn’t get me to wake up for a temperature reading at 7am, and I took it myself when I woke up two hours later. This morning my baby woke me up to nurse him at about 4:30am and I drifted in and out of sleep until my temperature was taken at 7am.

When this happens, are these temperatures even remotely reliable? Is it worth it to take them at all? I’m pretty new at NFP so I don’t know if I’m going to make my chart completely unreliable by charting these temps.



I have a few questions…

Have your cycles returned yet?
Are you tracking other signs? Which ones (cervical mucous internal or external?, cervical position?, etc)…

In my experience with breastfeeding and using the sympto-thermal method… before my cycles returned the MOST IMPORTANT signs are the internal cervical mucous and cervical position checks.
The temperature sign is secondary to those signs, and is really only important as a cross-check AFTER the primary signs have indicated fertility. Does that make sense?

But, to answer your question… as long as you note the times you took your temperature on your chart, you should still be able to discern a post-ovulation temperature spike… sometimes one or two temperature readings may have to be ignored when looking for an overall trend, though.


Yes, my cycles have returned. They didn’t start getting regular until 4-5 cycles ago, but my cycles return 6 weeks postpartum like clockwork, even though I breastfeed exclusively and frequently. :shrug: I am tracking externally but not internally.

Thanks for your answer, and yes it makes perfect sense. :slight_smile:


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