Question about the Bible for Lutherans and Reformed

I’m very interested in learning about confessional Lutheranism. I’ve read virtually all of the Book of Concord at one time or another, but there are a number of things I’d be interested in hearing a confessional Lutheran explain. One of those issues is in regards to how the books in the Bible were chosen.

Catholics are pretty quick to point out that bishops with apostolic succession chose which books ought to be in the Bible and which should not. Within Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, it’s easy to understand why the Bible should be trusted. In Lutheranism, though, it’s a bit of a puzzle in my opinion.

If the bishops of the church can err, how do we know they didn’t err when choosing which books ought to be in the Bible? It’s fair to criticize Catholics for not having an infallible list of infallible teachings, but how can there be an infallible Bible produced by a fallible church?

As I’ve said in past threads, I’m asking honestly and am not interested at all in “gotcha” debates. I’m genuinely interested in how Lutherans and Reformed believers understand this problem.


Interesting question…

Hi J,
Try this link as a good starting point.


Wow, really interesting resource. Fantastic stuff.

Wonderful link that answered a lot of my own questions. Thank you!:slight_smile:

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