Question about the book "Christian Prayer"


Hello, I just wanted to know exactly which hours were included in this book. I want to pray noon time prayer, but I don’t know if that book (the very popular red book “Christian Prayer”) has midday prayer. So for those of you who have the book, can you please tell me which hours are contained in the book? Thank you, God bless.


By no means am I an expert on this. I only entered seminary a week ago and I am still learning. We are starting off with only morning, evening and night. I do see a daytime prayer. Today, August the 22, the daytime prayer is on pg. 1017. I am using what I believe to be the same “popular red book “Christian Prayer.”” I hope that was helpful and you are using the same book.


“Christian Prayer” comes in several versions. The single volume eddition contains Morning, Evening and Night Prayer, with one week of Daytime Prayers (the three “Little Hours”), and a limited Office of Readings.

If you just want to do Mid-Day Prayer you could buy the “Daytime Prayer” version from Catholic Book Publishing. It has the Four Week Psalter, Proper of the Seasons, and Proper of the Saints.

There is a simplified version of “Christian Prayer” – it is “Shorter Christian Prayer.” It still has the four week Psalter, but has only one week of Advent and Lenten prayers.


Since you said red, I’m presuming this is the edition published by Catholic Book Publishing Company. That edition contains the full texts only for Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer. Daytime Prayer has only a selection of texts, limited to one week’s worth of Psalms, and the Office of Readings is very much abbreviated—I’d say, too abbreviated to be useful.


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