Question about the Divine Office

Since the English translation of the Roman Missal is approaching and looks as if it is nearing completion, does anyone know if the ICEL plans on revising the Liturgy of the Hours as well? I would like to purchase the four volumes, but I won’t if there is a new translation forthcoming.

I believe I read one time that it will be the next thing updated. But it may be a while.

It may be a while, but the Psalms will likely be the Grail Psalter that is also being used in the new translation of the Mass. (Leading of course to more copyright issues)

really, I think if they fix the psalms they will 90% of the way to fixing what is wrong, any links? does this mean the NAB will have proper psalms as well? yay!

Not so sure if the Psalms are the main problem. The most irritating thing for me are the Collects. (Prayer at the end.) The intentions are muddied by the very loosely and sloppily done dynamic equivalence.

The antiphons could use a work over as well. Sometimes I wonder if it is actually still the Divine Office, given how poorly it is translated. Not everything is bad. But…well, its not great.

Personally, I just found a copy of The Roman Breviary in English by Benziger which is a translation of the 62 Breviary. It isn’t perfect either but it is much better.

No change to the NAB (unfortunately), but here is a link to the story on the Grail Psalter.

In particular the last paragraph…

thanks I don’t really follow the minutiae of this so I appreciate the link
dare we hope the psalm prayers will just disappear?

My guess is no, they won’t disappear (if they are present in the Latin, which I don’t know off the top of my head). Their optional character might be stressed, and the translation will be better, however.

They are not in the official published version of the Liturgia Horarum, but they are part of a supplemental text. But as it seems in the post-Vatican II era, the option becomes the norm for sake of novelty.

They tried to make the case that the Psalm Prayers were part of the tradition of the office that was lost. But I don’t buy it.

When I pray the LOTH I oftentimes skip the Psalm Prayers completely.

I don’t mind the Psalm prayers at all. I think they provide good insight about the Psalm’s intention.

Agreed. If they wanted to revive ancient practice, simply print out the Psalms as a daily prayer book (Original Monastic practice), have a schedule in which 200+ Psalms were prayed daily (Cluny, including repetitions of some ), or simply have a one week cycle with the whole of the Psalms (Rule of Saint Benedict).

To be exact, it’s 240 Psalms.

Thanks for the info. It would be nice to know how long things will take. If it’s gonna be 20 years to create a new latin version and then an English version, I think I might purchase it.

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