question about the Eucharist

alright this guy who doesn’t believe in the Eucharist, made kinda of an interesting claim.

he pretty much said that God will go through out bodies and come out. So when you use the restroom part of what comes out of you is God. (i’m trying to keep this G rated its difficult)

and becuase of this fact the thinks its crazy that we would believe that God is in the Eucharist.

I said that Food nourishes you gives you energy and becomes a part of you, so the Eucharist or God the son does the same.

do you have any other ways you would respond to this claim.

As soon as the host loses the appearance of bread (say 15 minutes in the digestive system give or take) it ceases to become Jesus’ body blood soul and divinity.

It is for this reason that if the host is thrown up and is recognizable (as I understand sometimes happens with elderly or ill recipients) it is retrieved and treated as the true Host that it is.

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He also doesn’t understand the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the Presence of Christ in the Bread and Wine, which becomes the Body and the Blood. Note that the Body and Blood retain the physical properties of bread and wine. The bread still has gluten and starch, while human flesh has lipids, the wine still has alcohol while human blood has plasma. It is not a chemical or physical transformation, but rather a spiritual one. By spiritual I don’t mean by any means a “pretend” or “merely symbolic” transformation. I mean spiritual along the lines of the Transfiguration, a supernatural event that we cannot approach scientifically.

No, what comes out of you is the residual leftover of what you consumed, the gluten, the starch, the alcohol. We do not digest the Presence of Christ, it can’t be thought of as a physical component, nor is it subject to the normative properties of consumption. The bread and the wine are only signs and substances of the Real Presence, and that Presence can come to us without - we only use bread and wine because Jesus commanded us to do so.

Think of it this way, if it helps. You have a cheesecake. You can slice it, you can eat it. Let’s say you use it as a doorstop. So now you have a cheesecake holding open a door. It remains a cheesecake. You can still slice it and you can still eat it. When you digest the cheesecake, you’re not digesting the door stop.

He probably has less trite reasons, but is using the one he finds most ridiculous or humorous.

He’s phrased the question in a way that is difficult to respond to - similar to someone asking you “Can Mary save you?” This is a distortion of the reality of the Eucharist that we as Catholics understand. We don’t look to the Eucharist as a foodstuff or from a chemical perspective. We see it as a miracle, an act of supernatural Grace, and we accept it as such.

We become part of Him, not vice versa.


so… following his logic… I suppose if he eats a slice of ham, it goes through his body and comes out. Then does he make a ham sandwich with what came out? Since it was ham-in and ham-out?

If not, perhaps there is a change in the body in which that which is consumed does not equal that which is expelled. The ham becomes part of him. It is no longer ham but something greater.

God goes in and, since he is greater than we, we more like Him.

Bah, you beat me to it!

The nature of a thing is not contained in it’s specific atoms. Sure, what we take in in some portion goes out of us as well, but no one would call human excrement ham, even if it contains some protiens and atoms from injested pork.

In the same way, we take in the Eucharist, which truly IS the Body and Blood, and in so doing we are joined with the nature of Christ. What we expel is no longer Eucharist, any more than that ham sandwich remains a ham sandwich.

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