question about the Eucharist


I’ve been reading the many posts of CA and have seen the general consensus on the receiving of the Eucharist for new Catholic’s or those returning to the CC is to go through the RCIA program first.

I have been reading the Catechism lately and stumbled upon 1355 or page 342 in my book which according to my interpetation says essentially one must be baptized in the Catholic Church, believe what the CC teaches, and lives in accordance of what Christ has taught.
Any thoughts on this.



Like Paul, when he received his vision, one must be affirmed by the legitimate authority. Paul had to be vouched for by Ananias in Damascus. Newcomers to the Catholic Church must undergo a period of catechesis so that their pastor truly believes that they are properly disposed to live the difficult life of a Catholic. A returning Catholic, who has not been catechized, needs to be brought up to speed, and again, it is important that the community be assured of his disposition. The first step for a returning Catholic would be to go to Confession. He would then be permitted to receive the Eucharist but should still undergo proper training.

The world has thrown a lot of junk in the road over the past 2000 years, and living a good Christian life means knowing how to avoid the debris. That’s why it is crucial for a believer to be catechized.


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