Question about the house of an invalid marraige

Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea mentioned in this video that it is a sin to go over to the house of someone who is in an invalid marriage, I understand why it would be a sin, but does the church actually have an official stance something as specific as this? Around the beginning he talks about what I mentioned. Skip to 8 minutes in the video, he mentions what I am talking about around 8:44 I agree with him that it would be a sin.

Interested to see what you find out.

It’s not a sin to go over to someone’s house. However, it could be sinful if you are creating scandal by making others think it’s OK for people to think it’s OK to live in an invalid marriage. Or if you are telling the couple by your actions that it’s OK how they live.

But if the couple knows how you feel and if you are not sending mixed messages to others, then there is no scandal, hence no sin.

NOTE: scandal is a real sin, which people unfortunately do not take seriously now a days.

Yeah, I agree. And surely this is the point the priest must have been making. Otherwise, Jesus committed sin, just as the Pharisees claimed, when he ate at the table of the tax collectors and other sinners. And, the good father, surely was not implicating the Lord in sin!

You guys are contradicting what he said, he clearly said you cannot go over to the house.

That’s a contradiction of what he said. You cannot go over to the house. He did not mention how you shouldn’t give scandal but can still go over the house. He said you cannot go over to the house period.

He may have said it, but the odds on favorite is that you are misunderstanding, and not that the priest is subscribing bad theology…I’ve got to side with a priest over an anonymous person on an internet website…sorry!

No, that is not a teaching of the Church. That is his opinion.

No, the Church does not have an dogmatic stance about being in the backyard of an invalidly married individual during a BBQ. That’s not to say one might not use legitimate moral principles to decide they ought not be there.

It is worth knowing to whom you are listening. Perhaps that is relevant in this case, perhaps not. Whatever he said might be tied up with several assumptions that would help you understand his point (or not).

How can this possibly be the teachings of the Church when Christ Himself went among sinner, even crossing their thresholds?

I have heard that Muslims & orthodox jews do not go into the homes of those they consider ‘unclean’ (which means your house & mine). Are we like them - legalistic & concerned with externals?

Do you know what it was that stopped the priest & the levite from helping the man on the road to Jericho? The fear of being made unclean. The point of the story being that Charity over rides all other considerations.

“Where is Love & Loving kindness, there is God”

If he clearly said that it is a sin (and not a misstatement on his part), the priest is saying that the Lord sinned because most of the houses that He went to belonged to sinners (theives, tax collecters). :shrug:

I don’t think visiting people is a sin. Their marital status is not up to us, and that is something for them to work out with the Church if they desire.

Now if there is criminal activity going on and you don’t report it, that would be a sin. Big difference.

I don’t think the Church has an official standpoint on that. I see nothing wrong with eating dinner with the couple.

In that case one should not stay silent on the fact their marriage is invalid.

Or you could have friends…

I certainly wouldn’t hit someone in the face with it.

I didn’t watch the video, so I can’t say the priest is wrong, but the description of the speech as given by the OP is certainly wrong. Jesus clearly set the example by showing people he loved them BEFORE he did any admonishing of them for their sins.

I’m pretty sure Jesus wasn’t sinning when he associated with tax collectors, the woman at the well and plenty of other obvious sinners.

If this were true, then I would be sinning every time I visit my siblings (all 4 of my siblings are in invalid marriages) and my mother would be sinning by visiting her children and grandchildren.

You can let people know how you feel, but you also don’t want to harp on it and chase them away.

Now on the flip side, there are things you would want your kids to know. I.E. - I don’t want my kids to know that my siblings are in invalid marriages. But I have a bigger issue with my mother-in-law being divorced and living with her boyfriend. :frowning:

You should let your kids know.

What is more important, your soul and their souls, or your temporary friendship here on earth?

We have to stop being nice and start caring for their souls, being nice means you only care about their temporary life here on earth, but being charitable means you care about their eternal soul. Stop being nice, nice people go to hell, charitable people go to Heaven.

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