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Why was it nessesary to have a “chosen race” and let the other members of humanity to languish in ignorance? I’m not trying to be smart, this is a point that I’m confused about and want some clarification.


I think I understand your question, but I don’t think that God intended for others to “languish in ignorance”.

Consider how many times the Old Testament says things like,

Leviticus 19:
33 "When an alien resides with you in your land, do not molest him. 34 You shall treat the alien who resides with you no differently than the natives born among you; have the same love for him as for yourself; for you too were once aliens in the land of Egypt. I, the LORD, am your God.

2nd Chronicles 6:
32 "For the foreigner, too, who is not of your people Israel, when he comes from a distant land to honor your great name, your mighty power, and your outstretched arm, when they come in prayer to this temple, 33 listen from your heavenly dwelling place, and do whatever the foreigner entreats you, that all the peoples of the earth may know your name, fearing you as do your people Israel, and knowing that this house which I have built is dedicated to your honor. Maybe that helps some?


If God was going to become a normal man He must have had some race, language, cultural background, etc.
So He chose the Jews. Why we don’t know. Partly it was because of the faith of Abraham. But maybe all the names of the peoples were put into a big hat in heaven and the Jews came out. Anyway, God was incarnate as a Jew.

The Jews were very carefully prepared for that event. Why not prepare everyone? Why not intervene constantly in every human activity? Why not just wave a magic wand and declare sin to be abolished? Ultimately this is a hard question to answer, but given that the Jews were chosen, they got special treatment, which isn’t unreasonable.


Yes. If one accepts the Incarnation of God in Christ Jesus, then it follows that to become Incarnate God would have chosen from one specific group of people, and prepared that people to receive Him. Further, the other nations didn’t “languish in ignorance”, as the OP mentioned, but were “schooled” through natural law, as St. Paul in Romans 1:19ff makes clear.


Okay, that makes sense. But no one, Gentile or Jew, entered Heaven until Christ descended into heaven, right?


Sometimes it helps to imagine yourself being God, looking down on this fallen world - and it had fallen pretty far. All one has to do is read chapters 18-20 in Leviticus to get an idea.
(For the time being, don’t get into why He waited until this particular point in time).

How would you go about revealing your truth to mankind; preparing for your personal entry into the human race. Keep in mind our human nature and God’s refusal to use force. Examine His methods from that perspective; I think you’ll discover His wisdom, love, patience, … .



I know you mean Christ descended to the dead (the Limbo of the Fathers) and ascended into heaven. :wink: But, right. :slight_smile:


Especially if you look back on Exodus. God brings the Israelites to Sinai and proceeds to put on the “Light and Sound” show to end all other shows. He reveals Himself to Isreal til they are trembling in their shoes.

Then, within a matter of days, Israel is demanding a gold calf from Aaron.

This proved for us (God already knew this would happen, but humans tend to be a little more hard-headed, wouldn’t you say?) that we weren’t ready for this “all at once” revelation. Like a fine wine, good things like the New Covenant take time.


Agree with you Noteworthy. We humans do seem to be a little dense at times.

I remember *way back *when I first read in Isaiah 1:2 (God speaking and referring to Israel) “Sons have I reared and brought up …”. Reading that verse led me to compare God’s relationship with Israel to my “parenting” relationship with my children - the methods and stages involved in rearing them. The comparisons were amazing. ( eg. Beginning with Abraham being the equivalent of a baby - not much expected but training begins; lot of just taking care of them and keeping them from harming themselves…)



I think thats why He let us be parents, so we could experience a glimpse from His view.

Why He doesnt get a headache “this big” I dont know. :slight_smile:

For some crazy reason He loves us.


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