Question about the Kyrie Prayer


I have noticed in some more “progressive” churches that they like to omit from the Liturgy of the Word the prayer that starts with, “I confess to Almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters…” and they move right along to the “Kyrie” or “Lord have mercy” response. I happen to like the “I confess” prayer and it disappoints me to see it omitted. Is it optional? Obviously the “Kyrie” is mandatory because I always hear that one, but I just figured I’d ask about the other prayer.



The Roman Missal has three options for the Penitential Rite. Option A begins with the Confiteor (I confess) followed by the Kyrie (Lord Have Mercy), Options B and C do not begin with the Confiteor but do have some form of the Kyrie.


Thank you for answering my question! Fortunately, my parish priest uses the Confiteor, so that makes me happy. I notice the change in these options you described more when I go to other parishes in other towns.


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