Question about the Papacy and Isaiah 22:22


The Catholic Church teaches that Jesus is the petra and “Petros/Peter is the Christian people?” Simon was called Peter so “in a figure, that he should signify the Church?”

I don’t think anywhere in the quote from Augustine (or in any quote by him or anyone before him) did he say that this meant that Simon-Peter was a “physical counselor and guide” who had successors to his seat.

I won’t disagree that Simon-Peter was foundational in the church. Didn’t he get things going while filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost? He was of prime importance. A foundation is something that comes first and then everything else is built on it. A foundation doesn’t get replaced every generation. Each structure can have one foundation. Peter in many ways was the first to be built on the foundation of Christ. 1 Peter 2:5


…I think we are losing ourselves… a) the Church does not teach that Cephas is the Rock as Christ is the Only Rock; b) though I only glanced through the info offered (link) by you, I am not suggesting that my understanding/wording of Jesus’ Delegation of Authority to Cephas is explicitly/implicitly found in the quote; c) my attempts are to demonstrate to you that Christ’s Delegation to Simon is the reason why the Church holds Peter as the pope (papa); d) Christ’s Divinity is not being infringed upon by His Delegation of Authority–there’s only One Rock of Salvation.

I apologize if I have cause you confusion! :flowers::flowers::flowers:

Maran atha!



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