Question about the Rosary - Intentions?


I’ll be honest. I’m in a state of mortal sin right now and I can’t bring myself to confess. Y’all aren’t my priest so I’ll leave it at that. I need to throw myself at the feet of the Blessed Mother and ask for her intercession, that God might give me sufficient grace and courage to do this.

Frankly I haven’t prayed the rosary much in my life and when I have it’s been imperfectly: just reciting the words, not contemplating the Mysteries.

Now, as I’m contemplating the Mysteries, am I meant also to think of my specific request - the courage and grace to make an honest confession? That just seems like too many things to think of at once! There’s the Hail Mary itself, the Mystery, and my intention. Or do I not need to specifically think of my intention and just focus on the Mysteries?



I pray the Rosary everyday with the help of a cd that i got online from Father Cedric ministries, so while I’m saying the rosary with Fr cedric, I’ll usually state my intention after one of the Hail Mary’s…I don’t know if that is the right way, but it works for me…:slight_smile:


My dear friend

If you can meditate onthe mysteries fine. But if you have trouble just concentrate on what yor saying. You just state your intention at the beginning and you don’t need to think about it while your praying. We can do nothing nor can we pray without grace you know. So God is already helping you with holy desires and to pray right now. Just do your best and God will be exceedingly pleased with you and help you even more. I know at times in my life there’s been things I had to do and I just couldn’t so I would ask God for help. Hoping He would give me so much help it’s like He did it. And He always did help me, and does. Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and be humble I think. Just go to the soul doctor and get your medicine.

Blessed Mother, your son needs you. Pray for him.:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Really John, Jesus is waiting at the confessional,
not the priest you tend to see. I believe shedding
the load of “mortal sin” first is more important
than the rosary at the moment. I also believe as
St Monfort said that no sinner remains in sin if s/he
continues to say the rosary. So stay right with the

Here’s a little help to say the rosary well. Because
of the tendency to stray in our thoughts while
meditating on the mysteries, we (during family
prayers) usaully state our intentions after announcing
each mystery. Thus while praying the Hail Marys, we
will meditate freely on the mystery and on our stated

Here are samples of intentions:

  1. We give thanks for life and good health today.
  2. We give praises and glory to the Holy Trinity
    and the BVM.
  3. We adore and worship the Holy Trinity / and we
    honor the holy Mother of God
  4. We pray that God’s Will be fulfilled in our lives
    today so that ALL our spiritual and material needs
    will be granted.
  5. We pray for the grace of final perserverance.

We usually state more personal needs after the
fourth and fifth decades.

Hope this helps.

God bless us all.


Each mystery has a specific virtue attached to it. For example when Jesus is crowned with thorns…the virtue for that mystery is moral courage. I can’t remember which virtue is for each mystery but they used to be on the pamphlets that teach how to say the Rosary. I don’t know if that helps…I don’t think anyone can say the Rosary perfectly. They say it is the most difficult prayer of all, but also the most powerful. Padre Pio called it a weapon and in order to use a weapon effectively we have to learn how to use it and that comes with practice, practice, practice. As Dr Phil says, you do what you know and when you know better, you do better.


Thanks for the advice guys!

The mortal sin isn’t anything really evil . . . just embarrassing :o Pretty sure the priest has heard it before.


I bet so too. Just to comment, though . . . if it’s a mortal sin, it’s evil ;). We all do evil things in our lives, which never makes it good, and we always need to repent, but unfortunately it’s part of the reality of us being fallen creatures. Whatever you did wouldn’t be a mortal sin if in God’s eyes it’s nothing more than an embarrassment.


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