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I'm not opposed to saying prayers with the Rosary but I'm still uncomfortable with and not sure about prayers to Mary.

So, I was wondering if there are other prayers that I could say on the Rosary for now about God, Jesus and/or the Trinity.

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The Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Keep in mind that the Ave is taken, for the most part, from Holy Scripture.

St. Seraphim of Sarov said that we have only two prayers given us directly from heaven: the Lord's Prayer and Angelic Salutation.


Hi Malia – are you a convert? Is that why you are not comfortable praying the rosary. I am a convert and it took a while for me to understand the concept of praying to Mary and the Saints for intercession, as I had always been taught to take everything to God/Christ in prayer.

The first part of the Hail Mary is taken from scripture – what the Angel said to her, and what her cousin Elizabeth said to her. The second part defines who she is, the Mother of God, and we ask her, in that role, to pray for us (to intercede on our behalf) when we die. We do not worship her or embue her with the same powers as God. But, as the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, she is in a unique position to lead us to salvation, by leading us to her Son. We pray the Rosary because of her desire for each one of us to be saved. Who better than the Mother of Jesus Christ, who suffered the horrible anguish of watching her torn and tortured Son as He died on the cross, to understand and help us with our own suffering.

If you are not already meditating on the Mysteries as you say the Rosary, you may find that the Mysteries will also help clarify why we pray the Rosary as they will focus you not only on Mary, but more importantly, on Jesus Christ.

All that aside, as previously mentioned, you can pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet using your Rosary – around the world, there are individuals who pray it at 3:00 p.m. every day (and you can even join them on EWTN at 3:00 pm CST.


[quote="Malia_Belen, post:1, topic:182111"]
I'm still uncomfortable with and not sure about prayers to Mary.


Devotion to Mary, our Blessed Mother (John 19:26) is one of the things that comes hardest to those of us from protestant backgrounds. Ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit to give you love for our Mother. If it helps, Venerable John Paul II tells us that in praying the Rosary we are looking at Christ through the eyes of Mary. It is a prayer of simple looking and our gaze is directed to Jesus.


Myself coming from a Protestant background, I found that the concept of praying for Mary’s intercession difficult until I hit a rough patch, and was in need of some comfort. And who do you go to when you are hurt? Your Mother. Since then it’s been much easier for me, not just in those situations where I am upset or hurt, but any other situation to take it to Mary AS WELL AS God. I think sometimes the thought is, if you pray for Mary’s intercession that it’s in place of praying to God. But I do both. Why not have some extra help for your prayers? :wink:


This may sound strange, but I started praying the rosary (not even sure why I started, to be honest) after about nine months of reading the Bible intensively, and it was while I was praying the rosary that I came to believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that I needed to follow Him. I know your background is different as a Protestant, but I mention it only because, my experience was that I didn’t really find Jesus until I went to Him through Mary, even though I had been reading the Bible.


Yes, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy is great.

For the Rosary, I’d recommend you this wonderful book of St. Louis Marie de Montfort.

The saint helps you meditate on the Holy Trinity and Christ’s life by praying the Rosary.


Thanks everyone for your replies and ideas. They were great and I'm checking on the Chaplet of Divine Mercy right now and your other ideas as soon as I .


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