Question about the Rosary

My question is can the Rosary be prayed on something besides a traditional rosary? See I have an IPhone and I have an app called iRosary that helps me pray it by reminding me the prayers and the mysteries as I go along. It also has a similar option for the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Basically, can I use this “electronic Rosary” without degrading the Rosary itself?

The Rosary (prayer) was originally implemented as a laypersons alternative to the Psalms; as most lay people could not read.

The Rosary in terms of the beads is not essential; one can do the Rosary with ones fingers; or even in ones head. Although it is inadvisable to do it in your head; as keeping count would distract from proper meditation.

So; doing a Rosary electronically on a device is no different to using Beads; Rosary rings; Ringers; Reading it off a page; or anything else for that matter.

You can pray the Rosary using any aid you want. What makes it the Rosary is the prayers, not what you use to help you get them in the right order.

I use my fingers.

Though it’s nice if I have some quiet, reflective time to sit and pray the Rosary with my beads, I also like to pray it without them, while doing chores or driving. Obviously, this wouldn’t work too well if I were writing or balancing a checkbook, but for dishes, laundry, yard work, driving, &c. I think it works just fine: a way to sanctify the moment, to offer that routine, daily work to Jesus. I know I find otherwise boring tasks more rewarding that way.

Sometimes my “decades” may have 12 Hail Marys, or 20 even, but I think that’s ok. The point is to pray and meditate on the Mysteries. I may be folding the family wash, but I can still do it with love, for Him and them.

I must say I think I’d hesitate to pray the rosary while in control of a moving car. I prefer to keep my entire attention on the road, and I think the world around me would be quite glad of that too.

Well, you do have to keep your eyes open, and the open highway is better than heavy traffic. Still, it can encourage more charitable driving. One of the Rosary societies will send you a free “pray-along” CD for exactly that purpose.

Not that you don’t have a point. Still, I once knew a nun who could tell you how many decades it was from point A to point B. It’s not perfect, I admit, but sometimes I’ll take what I can get.

I pray it while walking to work or other places. I have a lovely audio rosary on my mp3 player to listen to, so I don’t need to worry about having too many or too few Hail Marys - perhaps you could do the same, cricket?

Is there such a thing as too many Hail Marys? :slight_smile:

If I owned an mp3 player that could work. Actually, if I’m walking, especially in the park, I just use my beads, or anytime my hands are free.

When I’m working I tend to go over a bit. I don’t worry about it too much, though. If I go way over, I figure that mystery must really have a message for me that day.

Works for me, anyway. Your mileage may vary.

I have my Missal on my iPhone, but I’m always afraid people will think I’m goofing off in Mass playing games or texting. :slight_smile: Mostly I just follow the readings then put it back in my pocket.

I also have an audio version of the Rosary on my iPhone that I play on long drives. It keeps count for me. :smiley:

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