Question about the Society of St. Pius X

Would it be acceptable ** in the eyes of the church ** to order this set of DVD’s in the Tridentine Rite ( from the SSPX? I prefer the FSSP over the SSPX any day, because I do not want to be associated with any schismatic society, but would it be okay to order these DVD’s?

If you’re not a cleric, it might not be acceptable to the SSPX. Both the Canadian and US websites are very clear that the instructional videos are available to clergy.

I remember reading that even married Latin Catholic deacons cannot order, because the SSPX objects to married clergy on principle (clerical celibacy not enforced on these deacons)

This said, the SSPX was quite generous in distributing books. A few years ago, I took up their offer for free books, and they sent me free of charge four of their books.

I ordered a copy of the FSSP instructional DVD for priests and seminarians. It is a great DVD. I plan on giving it to our NO priest.

As for ordering the SSPX DVD; if you can get it go ahead. The instructions are perfectly good. Some may complain about financially supporting the SSPX but heck, they are going to get rich off a couple of DVD’s.

The SSPX is a great source of information for the 1962 Mass.

I don’t see why not. Every day we buy products from companies that openly support things that we are against. We watch terrible movies with actors who support abortion with their millions, as well as musicians who do the same etc. Why should we all of a sudden become scrupulous where the SSPX is concerned?

I prefer the FSSP over the SSPX any day, because I do not want to be associated with any schismatic society, but would it be okay to order these DVD’s?

The SSPX isn’t schismatic. Please get your facts straight before you pass on your errors to others.

The SSPX is not schismatic? I thought that they weren’t in communion with the Pope! At least, the last time I checked they weren’t. If they are not schismatic, then what are they?

They are said to be in a state of “imperfect” communion with Rome. That doesn’t mean there has ever been a schism. There never was a declaration of schism, though JPII said that Lefebvre committed a schismatic act. Nevertheless, a schismatic act doesn’t necessarily constitute a schism. You can kill somebody and it’s not necessarily murder.

for the novus ordo priests and others who do not understand or know how to to
do the tridentine mass, in that they (pius x) have duly consecrated bishops and duly
ordained priests that do this, their material would therefore a great teaching tool
if nothing else. have a good year. (alih):thumbsup:

So, what’s the ecclesiastical correlative of manslaughter?

I was thinking more along the lines of “self defense”.

Ahh, you see, I would have interpreted that as schismatic. My mistake _
But, since theyare in “imperfect communion”, then it wouldn’t be right to order from them, now would it.

Oh, ok, my mistake…I didn’t realize that you are one of those people who has never ever bought anything that wasn’t sold by a Catholic in full and perfect communion with Rome. I gotta ask, though, where do you shop??? And I suppose you only go to the Catholic supermarkets that exclusively carry the Catholic brands, not just the generic “Christian” brands…

But seriously, the SSPX is a Catholic group IN COMMUNION with Rome. The only snag (which is currently being worked on) is that, while they are in communion, they are not in full communion. What’s the problem? Are you seriously saying that you don’t buy music, or see movies, or buy products that aren’t “Catholic”?

Indeed. Now you know.

Very funny, but no :wink: :smiley: ! I am just careful … I don’t want to get anything from a group that I know is in opposition to Rome

Heck, even EWTN buys some of their books and re-sells them:

Talk about straining the gnat and swallowing the camel.

Every day, and especially on Sundays, you rub shoulders with fellow Catholics who, despite appearances, are schismatics. They practice birth control, are divorced and remarried outside the Church and go up to recieve Holy Communion, they support abortion in cases of rape and incest, are pro-choice, pro-IVF, pro-euthenasia, etc. etc. There are priests who, despite being “in good standing”, couldn’t care less what the Holy Father says or writes or does. They’ll do what they want, when they want to do it, and no one, especially that man in the Vatican, will tell them what to do!

But, heaven forbid, you should buy something from those SSPX heretics. You might unintentionally imbibe some uncatholic ideas and, before you know it, start acting like a, gasp, traditional Catholic like your grandparents were.

I am a Traditional Catholic! :smiley:

I am indeed a Traditional Catholic. I much rather the TLM, and want nothing to do with Liberals. I just wanted to be careful. Now that I see that the SSPX is in Communion, I just wanted to be careful not to be affiliated with any schismatic group, disobedient to the Magisterium! I am an FSSP and ICTKSP supporter, and also the Transalpine Redemptorists!
See my blog :)!

Loyal Views, no offense, but I’m not interested in your blog.

Glad to hear you are a traditional Catholic.

I don’t blame you :smiley:

And like you said in your other post, it is very sad to see that other “Catholic” couples so Pro-Choice. I wish that they would just see…

Maybe I sent the wrong message through some of my posts. I do that ALL THE TIME! Argh! Forgive me!

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