Question about the Ten Commandments

I know that the Catholic Ten Commandments differ from the Protestant interpretation. But what about ancient Judaism? Does the Church have the same Commandments that the ancient Israelites had? I have not yet been confronted with this question, but you never know what people will attack the Church with these days.
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There have been various traditions on numbering the commandments throughout history, even among the Jews. From this Jewish explanation (, Catholics and Lutherans follow the written text of “Torah Scrolls.” So it’s not from nowhere.

There actually is a pretty concise explanation of the Ten Commandments in this Wikipedia article. It’s not as simple as Protestant numbering and Catholic numbering.

The Catholic ten commandments and the Protestant, Jewish, and Orthodox commandments do not differ in substance, they differ in arrangement of numbering. Since the bible itself does not number them it is a matter of groupings rather than content differences.

Here from Catholic Answers:

Exodus 20:1-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21 two places in the bible we follow Deuteronomy the other list is in Exodus and no Catholics did not change the commandments as some protestants claim.

What they said. :thumbsup:

The thing I like about the Catholic numbering is that the wife is more than just simply a possession, by the fact that she is not numbered with the possessions. They are articles 9 and 10 in the Catholic, combined into Article 10 in others.

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