Question about thurifers

I have heard that sometimes thurifers make 360’s or figure eights with the thurible. When does this happen/why? Sounds nice but I guess I would prefer to see a thurifer at our parish first! Anyone’s parish do this? Ever heard of it?


In my old altar boy days (when I was frequently a thurifer) we used to do this often both in the sacristy before Mass (usually in part just to get more air to the charcoal going fast) and sometimes at Mass (I’d do it when there was an extended procession or just before the last few steps in the nave on the way down the aisle during recessional). Basically, it was just a way of having a little fun and breaking things up a bit. A little personal flare that people appreciated as an exciting display of skill. There were some who came to expect it of me and I’d get questioned if it didn’t happen.

But it isn’t something which is likely going to be employed with regularity during Mass, unless the servers similarly want to be somewhat showy.

I hope you mean “flair”!:wink:

Flare or flair - it all depends on the degree of skill. :smiley:


This is very common in the Anglican Communion…

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